Juan sister New Year message | 2024, for love to go forward there will be the dawn

Juan sister New Year message | 2024, for love to go forward there will be the dawn

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Juan sister New Year message | 2024, for love to go forward there will be the dawn

(Summary description)

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2024, for love to move forward there will be the dawn


Dear Dajinhai partners,

Happy New Year!

Time is always so fast that people are caught off guard, a blink of an eye is a day, a turn back is a year. In 2023, we have just come out of the shadow of the epidemic, but we did not expect to usher in a variety of "difficulties", feeling that the whole world has been stumbling, but fortunately we have survived!

This year, we were not knocked down by the problem, not confused by the road, but not because of pressure to give up, but roll up our sleeves to work hard, and always maintain a forward attitude;

This year, the more difficult, the more forward, because we deeply know: backward will be beaten, development can be self-improvement;

This year, we strong foundation, excellent service, we consolidated the digital foundation, the whole chain of production, supply and marketing, fine management foundation;

This year, we know that enterprises must take results and prove our value with data;

This year, our 180,000 square meters of freight yard was completed; The west slope is open to traffic; Black rolling green production line put into operation; 304 excellent steel line, 220KV substation put into operation;

This year, we won the "innovative small and medium-sized enterprises", "intellectual property advantage enterprise training unit in the Autonomous Region", "National Stainless steel digital integrated quality Management Practice Base", "Guangxi Private Enterprise manufacturing industry 18th", "Guangxi Private Enterprise Top 100 28th", "Guangxi Industrial leading enterprise", "Guangxi Smart Factory demonstration Enterprise" and other honors;

This year, the most gratifying thing is that the team broke through a lot of adversity, broke a lot of games, and won one battle after another!

2023, it may not be perfect, but every day is our heart to come. Every struggling figure is worth praising, every fighting moment is worth remembering, let these little bits and pieces become our courage to continue to move forward in 2024.

Focusing on the group's strategy, through the discussion of theme opinions from various departments, we set the business theme of Jinhai in 2024 as "Digital Intelligence Management • Enterprise Depth Year".


Digital intelligence management

The number of Zhijinhai, not a day's work, in the past four years, the company has continued to invest, all employees continue to improve, into the ranks of digital enterprises, smart factories. In 2024, we need to dig deep into the value of data, from owning to using it for us, making good use of data and systems to make business decisions, and transforming experience into ability, so that ability can generate economic benefits.

Enterprise depth year

On the basis of the achievements of the "four major projects", we will work intensively at the depth level, dig deep stock, expand increment, reduce cost and increase efficiency, and carry out in-depth management. With a meter wide ten thousand meters deep, dry towels are also twisted out of the guiding ideology, with the positioning of entrepreneurs, with the ultimate action, strong advantages to make up for the shortcomings of the system, do deep and thorough each work. In 2024, focus on the track, focus on the channel, focus on the product, with hard work and hard work, with the world martial arts only fast and unbroken action, to promote the high-quality development of "digital wisdom Jinhai".

Business strategy:

1, the number of intelligence to empower, all staff focus on management. Make good use of data and management system to implement smart management, solidify the hardware and soft power that Jinhai has perfected in the past four years, focus on management, return to the fundamentals, and create enterprise value.

2, continue Jinhai "campus culture, military culture, home culture" three core cultural construction. Responsible for results, but also responsible for growth. We will do a good job in learning and growth, clean employment, humanistic care and social welfare work. Adhere to the party building, women's building, league building, birthday party, sports competition, the Voice of Jinhai, love blood donation, love for students, respect for the old and love the young, precision poverty alleviation and other cultural construction activities.

3, continue to cultivate Jinhai "talent professionalization, management digitization, product branding" three management system. Maintain core strategic focus, improve the three systems, and lead the enterprise to climb a new peak. Focus on professional, to higher requirements, to faster speed, to self-drive, to grow, gather talents, build a great organization.

4, guided by business results, deeply tap the potential of the "four modernizations" and expand management to new heights. Starting from strategic positioning, from business model, from assets, from capital, from management system, from business process, from technology, from team, product, from customer, from market, from supply chain, from whole process control, from coarse to fine, from vague to clear, simplify the complex, with simple people, simple management, simple products and simple operable mode. Conduct in-depth analysis and action on internal management, explore potential optimization with innovation and lean thinking, and work together.

5, comprehensively deepen "lean production", reduce costs, create benefits, and improve efficiency. Adhere to the total cost leadership strategy, formulate business objectives, and find new economic growth points through profit growth points, self-examination and self-evaluation, Jinhai Craftsmen, whole-chain analysis and monitoring, budget control, assessment and incentive tools, to enhance the competitiveness of the supply chain by de-intermediate, broaden the seamless connection between departments, and achieve a new height of lean production management.

6, continue to deepen the "production management digital system, smart park platform, digital steelmaking system" and production collaboration. Mining data value, with the help of on-time production lines, automation systems and digital systems, through digital empowerment, through intelligent management and control platform, through modeling, through computing algorithms, through the system of accurate production planning and execution, overall production rhythm, whole process control and traceability, fully realize the goal of digitization of production process, information management process and intelligent business decision-making.

7. "Build a professional and efficient team and build a great organization". Attract and cultivate talents, strengthen the construction of the talent echelon, enhance the strength of the core team, continue to do a good job in the training of the reserve backbone, match the talent needs of the number of Zhijinhai, set a "horse racing mechanism", do not go on the road, give a platform to those who are willing to build a "Jinhai craftsman" with ingenuity, and build a "great organization" with talents.

8. Deepen the "performance incentive system". Manage the objectives, sort out the processes, check the actions, motivate the results, and continuously optimize the system. Adhere to departmental action plans, meeting resolutions, KPI management Kanban implementation results landing inspection; Use self-examination and self-evaluation, war games, brainstorming, review and other management tools to brainstorm and create miracles with action.

9, all staff to enhance brand awareness, adhere to the "new products, excellent products, high-quality products", and customers to create, share, common development. Awe the market, in-depth insight into the market, hand in hand with the global market; Strengthen quality awareness, set up quality center, evolve quality inspection; Improve customer service, logistics service, inventory service; The use of technological innovation, forging product competitiveness, build a solid quality product platform, to be a strong backing for customers.

Ten, improve the safety, environmental protection and green ecological management system, take the responsibility of "green factory", and strengthen the "specialized and special new" enterprise. Focus on the broadband market segment, establish a fine and efficient management system and process, strengthen cooperation with universities and scientific research institutions, promote key projects, strengthen the research and development of key core technologies, transform scientific and technological achievements, enhance the ability to resist risks, and continue to deepen the specialization, refinement, specificity and novelty of enterprises.

Think, do, to get! 2024, guys, just do it!!

2024, I will also be afraid of this market is not good, the environment is not good, but the difficult times to shape the strong, do a good job in Jinhai, so that 1000 Jinhai people receive monthly wages, is a choice with no way back, I will fight to the end!

2024, maintain strategic positioning and focus. The general hurried on, did not chase the rabbit; Horses walk a thousand miles without washing the dust!

2024, starting from meeting user needs, simplify complex things. From doing simple to doing focus to doing extreme!

2024, refuse to lie flat, accelerate growth, and spend your time on what matters most!

2024, do the right thing, do the right thing, until the results show!

2024, challenges remain, but worth looking forward to! Work hard to move forward, believe that good things will happen!

2024, gather a group of people with love and righteousness, do a valuable and meaningful thing!

2024, for love, there will be dawn! Friends, come on!



Let me encourage you together

On New Year's Eve, 2024

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