Quality • change | Number ZhiJinhai New journey - Jinhai Brilliant Group 24th anniversary celebration and Guangxi Wuzhou Jinhai Stainless Steel Co., LTD award ceremony successfully completed!

Quality • change | Number ZhiJinhai New journey - Jinhai Brilliant Group 24th anniversary celebration and Guangxi Wuzhou Jinhai Stainless Steel Co., LTD award ceremony successfully completed!

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(Summary description)Number ZhiJinhai New journey - Jinhai Brilliant Group 24th anniversary celebration and Guangxi Wuzhou Jinhai Stainless Steel Co., LTD award ceremony successfully completed!

Quality • change | Number ZhiJinhai New journey - Jinhai Brilliant Group 24th anniversary celebration and Guangxi Wuzhou Jinhai Stainless Steel Co., LTD award ceremony successfully completed!

(Summary description)Number ZhiJinhai New journey - Jinhai Brilliant Group 24th anniversary celebration and Guangxi Wuzhou Jinhai Stainless Steel Co., LTD award ceremony successfully completed!

  • Categories:NEWS
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  • Origin:Gimhae stainless steel
  • Time of issue:2023-06-18 22:00
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24 years of rain and rain, 24 years of spring and autumn.

On June 18, 2023, the 24th anniversary celebration of the establishment of Jinhai Brilliant Group and the award ceremony of Guangxi Wuzhou Jinhai Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. was grand opened in Jinhai Auditorium.


Ms. Li Juan, Chairman of Jinhai Brilliant Group, Mr. Wang Wenhui, President of Jinhai Brilliant Group, Mr. Li Zhigang, General manager of Jinhai Brilliant Group, senior executives of Jinhai Brilliant Group, Ms. Lu Yanxian, General manager of Wuzhou Jinhai, senior executives of Wuzhou Jinhai, excellent employees of 2022, reserve backbone, excellent team and individuals of 2023 cost reduction and efficiency improvement, excellent team and individuals of labor competition, excellent team and individuals of sports competition, and representatives of employees of various departments gathered together to celebrate the grand ceremony!

Special guests of the 24th anniversary celebration, Director Guan and his delegation, leaders of Wuzhou Branch of Beibu Gulf Bank and leading experts of Radium science and technology participated in the grand event!


Brilliant results - "Impression Golden Sea" premiere

Looking back on the journey, three years ago, Juan sister and Wang Zong forward-looking to all Jinhai Iron Army launched a great call to march to the four major technological transformation projects, "with the help of digital power, to achieve the subversion and reconstruction of Jinhai" great moment.

Scene by scene, like the current, the long shot brought the scene colleagues back to the passionate project battle, production defense war, wind and rain construction war...... Frame frame, is the struggle years, is the blood youth, is the medal, is a monument!

Leadership speech

Mr. Lu, General manager of Wuzhou Jinhai, addressed: Ms. Lu Yanxian, general manager of Guangxi Wuzhou Jinhai Stainless Steel Co., LTD., delivered a speech for the celebration, and expressed her sincere thanks to the hard work and selfless efforts of the Big Jinhai family for 24 years, and said that "only thought change, action can change", Jinhai people once again proved that our direction of change is correct with action, we should cherish the hard-won results, only love, To go all out, Jinhai iron Army come on! Stride forward into a new era of digital intelligence and Jinhai together!

Group President Wang Wenhui speech: Jinhai Brilliant Group President Mr. Wang Wenhui speech, Wang first on behalf of the chairman of the board of directors Juan sister welcome the guests to visit, thank has been quietly hard work, hard work big Jinhai family people. Today is a happy day, Jinhai has entered a new journey of Zhijinhai, next, we must strengthen the production and quality management and promotion of steel mills, because this is the guarantee of continuous production of all links of the whole industrial chain; We must respect the market, respect customers, for customers to produce stable qualified high-quality stainless steel coil; We must practice our internal skills to reduce costs and increase efficiency, increase revenue and reduce expenditure. As long as we continue to maintain the fine tradition of the sense of danger, we will surely overcome this difficulty, and we will surely stride a new journey of wisdom, gold and sea to the next glory!

Guest speech on behalf of Management Officer: The guest spoke on behalf of Director Guan, Director Guan congratulated Jinhai Brilliant Group on its 24th birthday on behalf of all the guests, and felt very shocked when visiting the workshop site, Jinhai stainless steel is now different, the eye is, a new digital new Jinhai, very admire Chairman Li Juan, President Wang Wenhui's love and focus on stainless steel business, In the past 24 years, such as the stainless steel industry practitioners, diligently strive, has been brave to stand at the forefront of the tide, leading the industry, and successfully create a number of wisdom new Jinhai, quality has changed. Finally, I wish Chairman Li Juan, President Wang Wenhui and your Jinhai Iron Army full of happiness, achievements and aspirations in the future of digital Intelligence Jinhai new journey!



Landing implementation results, cost reduction and efficiency double harvest

Cost reduction and efficiency improvement is a long-distance race with no end, all departments continue to carry out cost reduction and efficiency improvement activities, and a total of 139 cost reduction and efficiency suggestions have been received from all departments since the launch of the activity.

First-line departments from the "repair of old benefits and waste, technological innovation, process innovation, energy saving, cost reduction and quality improvement", second-line departments "cost savings, benefit government income generation, potential income generation, cost reduction and speed up" and other potential efficiency suggestions and fully implemented.


Behind the achievement of each goal, there are countless silent dedication figures, they stick to their posts, for each advance are riveted full strength, the cost reduction and efficiency recommendations are fully implemented, and the final 27 effective recommendations have achieved fruitful results.


The labor skill competition is great than the military gold sea iron army cast brilliant

May to carry out "team labor skills competition", from the output, quality, yield rate, cost, operation skills and other aspects of individual or team competition, to promote the technical improvement of the position, through the competition to improve their own skills, skills to meet friends, competition Jinhai spirit.


The players on the field carry forward the spirit of hard work, and all members participate in the competition with the most rigorous and responsible attitude and the highest standards. After nearly a month of competition, 88 skill masters and teams stood out and became the 2023 skill benchmark of Jinhai!

Tamping technology transformation results, the number of wisdom Jinhai show power

In 2023, after the completion of the upgrading and transformation of the four modernizations (automation, digitalization, information technology and intelligence), we will dig deep into the potential of technological transformation, release the potential of technological transformation, give full play to its maximum function, and promote the output, quality and new products of each production line. To build a learning enterprise and a teaching-oriented organization, the workshops carry out "four modernizations" application technology training, enhance employees' awareness of technological innovation, master new technologies, and fully realize the technical level requirements of smart factories.

Pickling workshop won the "Four Modernizations" application technology training award, with the way of "book classroom learning, maintenance on-site teaching" to learn while using, comprehensively enhance practical ability, and empower Jinhai talents.

Bitter war green grass friendship, unity and hard work show the spirit

Passion years VITALITY Jinhai -2023 Wuzhou Jinhai 9th Games master gathered, the competition is extremely fierce, the daily laughter and applause, sweat and tears, all in exchange for today's flowers and applause.

Dare to shine a sword, dare to fight, with vigor, tenacity, Jinhai athletes with "who is not me" confidence and "only fight for the first" courage to match the new style of Jinhai Iron Army.

Writing talent to explore and innovate Jinhai people

Looking back on the past, the sweat that once spilled builds the foundation of the present; Standing today, the road ahead is still full of thorns and mud balls, but today we have a deep understanding of "how steel is tempered".

Jinhai family with "I and my Jinhai" essay activities, express the voice, no matter in which position, whether the veteran or the new, are Jinhai heroes!

踔厉 Brave to bear, Wuzhou good workers in action

Comrade Huang Shensong, deputy director of steelmaking workshop, won the honorary title of "Wuzhou Good Worker" with Jinhai craftsman spirit, professional high level of professional technology, technical inheritance and comprehensive technical level of the industry.

In the process of technological transformation and upgrading of Jinhai Stainless Steel's four modernizations (automation, digitalization, informatization, and intelligence), Comrade Huang Shensong, together with China Steel Union engineers and production line process engineers, deeply discussed and worked hard to solve problems, and finally completed equipment installation and commissioning on schedule in March 2022, and successfully put into production the first 4-machine 4-flow slab continuous casting machine in the stainless steel industry. Together with the service provider of laser technology automation system, combined with the reality of Jinhai Stainless steel steelmaking process equipment, successfully completed the technical transformation and upgrading of 18 projects, providing solid electrical technical support and equipment technical support for Jinhai Stainless Steel to achieve the goal of "10 billion smart factory".

Comrade Huang Shensong gives full play to the spirit of artisans, goes deep into the scene to "check the pulse", "open a cure" for maintenance problems, accurately provides technical support, helps Jinhai technology solve problems, and is actually a model for employees and a "good worker in Wuzhou"!

Art Golden Sea wonderful review

In the past 24 years, we have lived up to our love. On the stage, the singers of Jinhai Good Voice sang "Love each Other" as the opening song, setting off the enthusiasm of the audience.

The team brought by Captain Chen to show "unity is strength", Jinhai Iron Army spirited, dressed forward, tiger whistling wind, overwhelming.

Happy Jinhai - happy work, happy life, happy Jinhai people, by the finance department, customer service department, hot rolling workshop and other departments jointly bring the dance series "Zhen Happy" and "happy worship"; But no matter what can not change my Chinese heart.... "Jinhai Party Branch led all party members to bring 'My China Heart', which touched the hearts of the audience present.

Zhai Xiaochun from the International business Department sang a "Girl with wings" brave dream, not regret youth; Finally, Mr. Lin Ruimin, vice president of production, and his old partner presented the 24th anniversary celebration again, bringing the sketch "Long Dependence", Lin played steadily, and made the audience laugh.

Happy dinner

Tonight we laugh, tonight we think of the future. The celebration ended successfully in flowers and applause, Juan sister and Wang have already prepared dinner for everyone, thank Jinhai Iron Army along the way, and finally toast the 24th anniversary of Jinhai together, and make a bright future!

At the dinner party, long lost hugs, warm handshakes, cordial talks...... Laughter and joy are always related to emotion. All Jinhai colleagues face is filled with youth, vigor, good to new, immersed in the warm atmosphere of jubilation.

Don't forget to come, sail again!

Tonight unforgettable, the celebration has come to an end, but Jinhai people's ambition has been ignited.
Youth to be burned, deep ploughing. Looking back on the eventful years, 24 years of spring and autumn, 24 years of cultivation, the journey began, verdant. All the past, is the preface, the heart, the past.

| Digital Zhijinhai new journey, the future has come, in digital Zhijinhai new journey, we do not forget the original intention, adhere to the Jinhai culture background; We continue to make progress and continue the pioneering spirit of Golden Sea. We will surely stride forward in the future, from one victory to the next victory, from one glory to the next glory!

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