Excellent Essay | "Me and My Jinhai" celebrating the 24th anniversary of the founding of Jinhai Brilliant Group Excellent Essay Works (1)

Excellent Essay | "Me and My Jinhai" celebrating the 24th anniversary of the founding of Jinhai Brilliant Group Excellent Essay Works (1)

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(Summary description) "Me and My Jinhai" celebrating the 24th anniversary of the founding of Jinhai Brilliant Group Excellent Essay Works (1)

Excellent Essay | "Me and My Jinhai" celebrating the 24th anniversary of the founding of Jinhai Brilliant Group Excellent Essay Works (1)

(Summary description) "Me and My Jinhai" celebrating the 24th anniversary of the founding of Jinhai Brilliant Group Excellent Essay Works (1)

  • Categories:Company Culture
  • Author:
  • Origin:Gimhae stainless steel
  • Time of issue:2023-06-18 22:00
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Me and my Kimhae

Warm congratulations to Jinhai Brilliant Group on its 24th anniversary

On the occasion of the 24th anniversary of Jinhai Brilliant Group, the company organized the "Me and my Jinhai" essay contest to celebrate the celebration, and a total of 40 works were collected in this essay contest.

In 2023, Jinhai brilliant wind and rain for 24 years, year after year, starlight does not live up to the people on the road. For 24 years, our hearts have shaped the future; In the past 24 years, we have lived up to our love and become brilliant. In the past 24 years, countless Jinhai heroes have emerged, striving to sail for the Jinhai giant ship!

Now the excellent essay will be published in stages.


《First prize》


Jinhai helps me grow up, I share the fate with Jinhai

Hot rolling workshop/Mengzuochang


"Husband heaven and earth, all things travel backward; Time is the passer of all generations." Five hundred days and nights like a fleeting time, the geometry of pain and joy, the geometry of growth... "My Jinhai" four words are written, the heart is fluctuating, the thoughts are myriad, the pen is picked up, the word is dropped, in the twists and turns to outline the Jinhai to give me a little bit of growth, filigreed wisps......


【 Meet Jinhai for the first time, love at first sight 】

"Life comes for a big thing, life comes for a meaningful thing"! With Jinhai in a campus lecture, it is also a coincidence, the graduation will go to the distance to see, but inadvertently by the "Jinhai manpower officer" smile to deeply attracted in, and then under the guidance of the Jinhai commissar, I in the spring breeze will blow, spring also touched the face of the season, such as the "girl" was captured by Jinhai heart, I joined the cohesive and combative Jinhai family, and started a romantic and happy journey of work and love with Jinhai.


【 Help me grow, open a new bureau 】

"The sea does not want water, so it can become its big; Mountains do not leave earth and stone, so it can become its height." Jinhai is like my father's shoulder and mother's arm, caring for me. The campus culture of Jinhai, which is "1% progress every day", encourages me to pick the ocean of knowledge and continue to learn and grow. "Don't go on the road, let the road" Jinhai iron army spirit urged me to work hard, continue to sharpen strong. I am like molten steel in a furnace, slowly and perfectly transforming in smelting until it is pure and green; I am like a billet on a rolling line, born in the temper until the light shines.

As a novice, I joined Jinhai and caught up with the best era. In the new era of Jinhai leading to the development of high intelligence, I had the honor to witness the great journey of technological transformation and upgrading of Jinhai stainless steel's "refining, rolling, acid and cold" full production line, and personally participated in the construction of 1050mm stainless steel full continuous rolling green production line. Witnessed the birth of an automation, information, digital, intelligent production workshop. Suddenly born, amazing, to the world once again show the speed of Jinhai, Jinhai height... This can not be separated from the Jinhai Iron Army "wind and rain, night and day" of hard struggle, cannot be separated from the Jinhai iron Army "can only succeed, not fail" of the triumphalism.


【 Be tireless in teaching and be grateful to my teacher 】

"Once bathed in apricot rain, lifelong read Shi En", I am so honored to meet Jin Hai in a school gate, can meet in Jin Hai with "strict father" and "loving mother" teacher and predecessors. Spring to spring and more than 500 days and nights, let me the most impressive, is their a "live, learn, dry to the old" persevering spirit, is their courage to explore in the dark innovative spirit and indomitable willpower. When I came, I was still a childish student; Now, I have gradually grown into the new force of the Golden Sea Iron Army! "A day as a teacher, a lifetime as a father", thank my Jinhai, thank teachers and predecessors, to show me the direction on the way forward, so that I am no longer confused, no longer lonely... Life has a chance to meet Jinhai, life has a chance to meet my teacher.


【 Continuously brilliant, Go to the future 】

"Starlight does not follow the traveler, time does not follow the dream." Jinhai, twenty-four years, hardships and hardships; Twenty-four years without love, without regret youth; 24 years of going where the heart wants to go. "A lifetime, a thing, always done, will be successful", "we speak with actions and results"... The story of Jinhai always makes my blood boil; The struggle of Jinhai makes me full of pride. I have the honor to join Jinhai today, and I am proud to be a Jinhai man.

Number of Zhijinhai, ready to sail; Great achievements begin with a single step; My Jinhai and I are striving for the present, continuously brilliant, and going to the future together. Try my best, pour all I have, pass the difficult pass, the road ahead is long and bright!

Jinhai helps me grow up, I share the fate with Jinhai! I and my Jinhai, along the way, create and share!



《The second prize》

Me and Jinhai grow together - accelerating digital transformation

Hot rolling workshop/Yang Yawei

Recalling the past, vividly, since I joined Jinhai in 2017, I have always connected myself and Jinhai into a community of destiny! Today, on the occasion of the 24th anniversary of the establishment of Jinhai, I would like to share a paragraph of the intelligent transformation of Jinhai Brilliant Group in the past three years and the harvest of my growth.


【 Create difficulties together, constantly challenge ourselves 】

In January 2021, under the foresight of Chairman Juan Sister and Group President Wang, the group made a major decision to invest heavily in the "four major projects" equipment upgrade and intelligent transformation of Jinhai stainless steel production line, laying an indestructible foundation for Jinhai's stainless steel future. The following year, the four steelmaking machine four flow as the most advanced continuous casting production line in China was officially put into operation, achieving a new goal of 45 days of production, once again creating an amazing "Wuzhou speed".

Recalling the 750mm production line production scene, it is still fresh in my mind, not only the working environment is harsh, the output of finished steel strip specifications are affected by steel temperature thickness tolerances, the downstream customer complaint rate is high, and each steel strip must be two steel strip after the connection of one more joint to enter the next process, the production process is cumbersome, and the quality is not up to standard, although 750mm hot rolling production line, It has contributed to Jinhai's occupation of the domestic stainless steel sheet market. However, with the rapid development of domestic stainless steel hot rolled sheet and the upgrading of other production plants in the same industry, 750mm rolling line can not meet the needs of market customers in terms of capacity, quality and specifications, and environmental protection facilities can not meet the green production requirements. As a result, Juan Sister and Wang Zong once again launched the most thorough and greatest change in the history of Jinhai manufacturing with a large pattern and boldness, driving development with innovation, fully launching the four modernizations of automation, informatization, digitalization, and intelligence to "create an excellent Jinhai" strategic blueprint. For the whole industry chain of steelmaking, hot rolling, pickling and cold rolling, the software and hardware are filled with high quality, Jinhai Iron Army is full of ambition and pride, and has taken firm steps in digital and intelligent transformation.


【 Deepen reform, lead the new direction of the industry 】

In March 2021, Jinhai signed a complete equipment contract for 1050mm stainless steel green hot rolled strip production line with China Second Equipment; On June 30 of the same year, Project No. 2 Jinhai 1050mm full continuous rolling green production line project officially started construction, during the hot rolling partners under the leadership of General Jin, while ensuring the normal production of 750mm production line, while ensuring the smooth progress of project No. 2, finally completed and put into operation on August 18, 2022. The operation of the second project means that it has officially entered a new era of digital intelligence and Jinhai.

1050mm stainless steel full continuous rolling green production line adopts domestic first-class supplier Baoxin MES system software, advanced intelligent manufacturing technology, automatic control technology and a series of domestic leading technologies, to create an intelligent management and control platform of operation automation, management and control integration, logistics information, and realize fully automated and intelligent production of steel rolling three-level control. The rolling line is also equipped with highly intelligent supporting equipment, such as: steel coil automatic baler, robot automatic inkjet machine, compared with the traditional production line, the full operation of 1050mm stainless steel continuous rolling green production line not only greatly improves the labor efficiency and capacity release efficiency of the hot rolling workshop, but also produces lower finished products, more specifications, better quality and stability!


【 Gather strength and accelerate the intelligent new track 】

Jinhai Stainless Steel is not only a pioneer in the intelligent construction of the steel industry, but also an active promoter of innovation and intelligent development. Since 2020, the company has taken the construction of "talent professionalism, product branding, and digital management" as the main line, driven by technological innovation, and continued to introduce new intelligent green production equipment.

The new equipment, let me and my brothers excited, we are full of energy, with the enterprise concentric, relying on the company to provide a new intelligent digital platform, actively participate in the factory department of the organization of the empowerment training, actively learn to grow into a new type of technical personnel, continue to contribute to the intelligent transformation of Jinhai.

At first, I was anxious about starting from scratch because I had never been exposed to new technology. Especially the adjustment and proofreading of accurate numbers, I am afraid that I cannot bear the heavy responsibility and bring unnecessary losses to the company. But as a member of Jinhai, this sense of mission urges me to face the problem and solve it. With the hot rolling iron army - not afraid of hardship, two not afraid of losing, three not yielding to the spirit of struggle, always adhere to the firm concept of "not to find reasons for failure, more to find ways to succeed" when encountering difficulties, constantly challenge themselves, from the technical "small white" to the technical "big cow", to always rush to the front line, accurate and rapid judgment of the cause of failure, timely proposed solutions, For 1050mm rolling line trial production "one pass" handed in a perfect answer.

Excellent Jinhai people will continue to make progress, keep pace with The Times, ingenuity, stride into a new era of "number of Zhijinhai", and work together to build a new great cause of "ten billion smart factory" in the stainless steel industry before the opportunity for a hundred years of great changes!


【 Seize the opportunity and strive for the lead 】

Facing the new development stage and new goals and tasks, Jinhai Stainless Steel is grasping the new opportunities for digital transformation and development, further optimizing the system and mechanism, strengthening innovation drive, increasing the work of industrial Internet application, data platform construction, intelligent equipment research and development, and accelerating the research and practice of new technology, new equipment and new materials. Actively build an industrial intelligent industrial system with Jinhai characteristics, and strive to provide new momentum and make new contributions for Jinhai to promote the high-quality development of the stainless steel industry.

At the same time, as a middle-level manager who has been fighting in the front line for a long time, I am also thinking deeply, constantly reflecting and summarizing.

How to reduce the scrap rate of new production lines?

How to improve the new skills of employees and train more new technical talents for the company?

How to achieve the production line "human-centered" digital, intelligent multi-functional integration?

How to maximize the capacity of the new production line?


With these problems, in the future, I will take root in the digital production area, deeply cultivate stainless steel technology, give play to the fighting spirit of "Jinhai Iron Army", lead the team to continue to learn, achieve technology optimization and upgrading, and strive for Jinhai Stainless Steel to become an intelligent demonstration enterprise and a digital benchmarking enterprise in the steel industry as soon as possible!


《The third prize》


Me and my Kimhae
Human Resources Department/Jiang Linghan

Green mountains all over the white river, Zi gauge sound in the rain like smoke.

The heart-shaped lake in the misty rain, hidden between the flowers and trees, the lake is lush; Across the orchard, as far as the eye can see, the white iron and steel blocks in the yard, splashing misty water; In the distance, green mountains stand, carved with a heart-shaped garden, blooming in the raging waters surrounded by the River Kwai.

Jinhai Garden area, good rain season, flowers bloom, colorful, here is the bearer of the dream of Jinhai people.

This is an iron camp, 14 years of temper, spring and autumn moon are passing guests;

This is a rolling furnace, 24 years of ups and downs, together with the stars.

Kimhae, is some people's one year, some people's ten years, some people's twenty years...

In Jinhai, every day is writing the story of a group of people pursuing their dreams: or precipitate themselves, dragon do not use; Or love fetters, a person a city; Or waiting for relatives, long love accompany; Or hone your skills, help your future. This group of ordinary people, these small dreams, because of assiduous persistence and shining light.

Lao Liang, walking through the roar of orange painting equipment, carefully inspected the operation. He is a mechanic, responsible for the daily inspection and maintenance of equipment machinery, he said, he has done maintenance in many companies, the market is not good in recent years, but Jinhai is very stable, and can enrich technology more systematically. Lao Liang's family is from the north. He goes home once a year. Work hard, save money, help your kids buy a house. "My golden Sea is these devices."

"The hydraulic oil temperature rises, the vibration and noise increase, may be overflow or suction." Xiaowen gave his own judgment to Master Chen, Master Chen nodded. This is what happened in the hydraulic station. Xiao Wen is a 22-year-old college student, graduated from mechanical design and automation, and has a deep interest in hydraulic machinery in the university. In the past year, he has learned hydraulic technology systematically from his master and practiced it. Now he has slowly started to get started. He has a good master and a good production line to practice. He smiled and said, practice good technology, the world is big, Kou can go, I can also go. "My golden sea is hydraulic pressure."

After six o 'clock in the morning, after sending a load of goods, Xiao Hu jumped down, drank water and ate a small bread. According to today's system tasks, there should be no goods to be delivered before work, and the work of this night is over. Xiao Hu is a warehouse keeper. He spends most of his working time delivering goods to customers together with his colleagues. This job has high requirements and cannot make mistakes. Xiao Hu bought a house in Wuzhou, monthly housing, there are two children to raise, his wife's salary is not high. Two salaries to cover daily expenses and a little savings. He said that he came back from Guangdong in order to be with his family, although the work was hard, but the salary gave him the courage and confidence to live in the city. "My Golden Sea is the warehouse."

At night, by the river Kwai. The water plant operator, Xiao Gan, had just stepped off his boat and was about to eat dinner at his home just upstream from the dam. This is a job that requires enduring loneliness, staying on the boat all the time, and not turning on the pump at regular times. Under the moonlight, this lonely river map makes people intoxicated, the day river color, waves are shining, drunk I do not know the day in the water, full of ship dream pressure star river. The job lacks freedom, but it's close to home, where you can watch your family. "My golden sea is this ship."

Looking from the mountains, the lights of thousands of homes flicker, and the cold stars spot beside the small Gan's ship in the light, as if countless dreams in shining.

Many people also like Xiao Hu, work hard, load the car and set out, and put their dreams on the ship of Jinhai, crowding Jinhai forward.

This group of ordinary people, on the road, use "good voice" to illuminate the course, use marathon to stimulate blood, and use skills to match soldiers on the battlefield.

This group of ordinary people, in ordinary posts, create extraordinary: the weaving of intelligent systems lights up the network nerves of Jinhai, and the steel flowers of steelmaking furnaces are rolling and rejuvenating; The steel embryo of the hot rolling shaft roller transforms the spirit of wisdom and fire; Solid solution pickling white skin reveals the industrial peak appearance level!

The mountain is rolling, and the road is long. We use equipment as a spear, software as an array, ten years of sharpening swords, frost edge has been cold! We take the dream as the horse, chasing the future!

Next year this day Qingyun to go, but smile the world son busy, 24 years of trials and hardships, looking back Jinhai all the way to today, only to find that "the great powers are actually my own"!

The days are long, and the new fire will try the new tea.

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