Excellent Essay | "Me and My Jinhai" celebrating the 24th anniversary of the establishment of Jinhai Brilliant Group Excellent Essay Works (2)

Excellent Essay | "Me and My Jinhai" celebrating the 24th anniversary of the establishment of Jinhai Brilliant Group Excellent Essay Works (2)

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(Summary description)"Me and My Jinhai" celebrating the 24th anniversary of the establishment of Jinhai Brilliant Group Excellent Essay Works (2)

Excellent Essay | "Me and My Jinhai" celebrating the 24th anniversary of the establishment of Jinhai Brilliant Group Excellent Essay Works (2)

(Summary description)"Me and My Jinhai" celebrating the 24th anniversary of the establishment of Jinhai Brilliant Group Excellent Essay Works (2)

  • Categories:Company Culture
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  • Origin:Gimhae stainless steel
  • Time of issue:2023-06-18 22:00
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Me and my Kimhae

Warm congratulations to Jinhai Brilliant Group on its 24th anniversary


On the occasion of the 24th anniversary of Jinhai Brilliant Group, the company organized the "Me and my Jinhai" essay contest to celebrate the celebration, and a total of 40 works were collected in this essay contest.

In 2023, Jinhai brilliant wind and rain for 24 years, year after year, starlight does not live up to the people on the road. For 24 years, our hearts have shaped the future; In the past 24 years, we have lived up to our love and become brilliant. In the past 24 years, countless Jinhai heroes have emerged, striving to sail for the Jinhai giant ship!

Now the excellent essay will be published in stages.

Me and my Kimhae
Oxygen production workshop/Yuan Jun

There are always some growth engraved on my heart, there are always some struggle with blood...

Day and night, year after year, the world is like a flash, all of us are lamenting the passage of time, easy to get old, unconsciously as a "Jinhai" people in Guangxi Wuzhou Jinhai Company has been working and living for the eleventh year, but also ushered in the 24th anniversary of Jinhai Brilliant Group Company.

The general secretary said on the May 4th Youth Day: a person only has one youth in his life, now, youth is used to struggle; In the future, youth is used to remember! Looking back on the work in Jinhai these years, I believe that Jinhai's family will not regret spending every day here, we have the opportunity to meet and fight together in Jinhai this platform, a group of people, a heart, a thing, a peer, what is not a happiness! Recall the past, you and my youth, in the ten thousand tons of billet has also shone!

In the past 24 years, in a barren mountain, Jinhai people fight wind and rain, fight the sun, blast the mountains and remove stones, from there to nothing, from small to large, a modern stainless steel smelting enterprise of the whole industry chain stands up! In the past 24 years, from the old and backward production equipment to the transformation of the new four-machine four-flow continuous casting multi-process automatic linkage, the new 1050mm full continuous rolling automatic production line to the commissioning of green solution pickling new equipment, the establishment of MES digital mining system, Baoxin integrated production, supply and marketing system online, A group of the same type of domestic most advanced intelligent, the best quality green, the lowest consumption of environmental protection of professional machinery and equipment in the workshop production line, automation, digital, information, intelligent technological upgrading is fully completed, truly from Jinhai manufacturing to "Jinhai intelligent manufacturing", a new Jinhai stride into the "smart factory" new era! Over the past 24 years, Jinhai people have lived up to their love, created one miracle after another, and these fruits and achievements are all poured into the wisdom and sweat of Jinhai people.

As a perennial migrant worker, family and children are the home of our hearts, and working in the company is the stage of our full life! These years, Jinhai has provided us with a stable employment platform, so that we can progress together with the company, experience the continuous development and change of Jinhai, the passage of years, the temper of work, let each of us more mature, more cautious, more responsible! In Jinhai these years, experienced a lot of sweet and sour, but also witnessed the maturity and harvest, wandering years only in Wuzhou Jinhai to let people have a sense of belonging to home, warm, touched, but also grateful!

Employees are the cornerstone of the company, the development of the company depends on the unremitting efforts of every employee, for the company's branch workshops most of the staff brothers and sisters, may think that they are very ordinary ordinary, no dazzling education, no amazing performance, day after day for years to repeat the boring work mechanically, do simple things well is not simple, To do ordinary things well is extraordinary, ordinary we can also raise our heads, because ordinary, we can also contribute! It is precisely because of the silent efforts of these families that today's Dajinhai has grown stronger and stronger.

Growth is a responsibility, only the growth as a responsibility, in order to create greater value, the previous major production workshops of large amounts of capital investment technology reform has not yet seen benefits, but also encountered the current market down steel prices, safety and environmental pressure, in the current environment economic depression few profits, Our big parents Juan sister and Wang and the senior executives still ensure that all our staff monthly salary is paid on time and bags, encounter this kind of mind and responsibility of the boss is the honor of our employees! As an employee, the success or failure of the enterprise is closely related to us, only when the enterprise is thriving, employees are likely to benefit! On the road to growth, the dream is sweet, the road is long, each of us should have a good wish in Jinhai to enrich our life, for Jinhai also for their families to fight, grateful for all the people met, grateful for the platform provided by the company, grateful for the trust of leaders!

Looking back on the past, the sweat that once spilled builds the foundation of the present; Standing today, the way forward is still full of thorns and mud balls, starlight not on the road, rivers care for the oar! The road has been at the foot, the test is to adhere to the original heart!

The new journey, may all people even in the wind and rain, but also the heart to the light, smile, for the giant ship of Jinhai and strive to sail! The best is now, better in the future, step by step, you can always walk on the right road!

Let us look forward to tomorrow, Jinhai brilliant fruit, pot full of happiness full!


Build dreams Jinhai create brilliant

Steelmaking workshop/Lin Jian

April days on earth, carrying the years of Rensan, carrying dreams and hopes. As a new person, I walked into the door of Jinhai with excitement, curiosity and anxiety, and the story of pursuing dreams in Jinhai began.

Walking into the golden Sea, the birds and flowers, the green grass of the factory avenue, the golden Ox sculpture stands tall, especially shocking, lifelike, the front hooves bend back, it seems to be about to run, it symbolizes a spirit of facing difficulties and the essence of sticking to silent dedication. There are three distinct corporate cultures in Jinhai: home culture, campus culture and military culture! Let brothers and sisters from all over the world learn from each other, help each other and love each other, improve learning and execution, and care for each other, so that I can quickly integrate into this big family.

Into Jinhai, the steel mill room fire strong, hot gas rising, a piece of steel bricks slowly sinking in the furnace, melting furnace machines rumbling flames, scattered a bunch of sparks to the four sides, just like lit flowers, four machines four flow continuous casting machine like four lanes in order, accurate in turn the billet delivery, from the molten steel crystallization into billet process, Let me know "how steel is made". To the new post, the work needs to start from "zero", where there is a transmission, help, and training mechanism, so that the new person can quickly learn and grow on the post, quickly change roles, master the job operation skills, and put into the job as soon as possible. Talent professionalization as a talent strategy of Jinhai Stainless Steel, continuously carry out professional training and promotion at various stages, create a fair, just and open competition mechanism, establish a "competent, flat, mediocre under" crisis consciousness, and fully mobilize the initiative and enthusiasm of employees.
Walking into Jinhai, on the digital screen of the central control center, you can see that Jinhai manufacturing has been upgrading to the automation, digitalization, information, and intelligent whole industrial chain technology. In the decisive stage of Jinhai stainless steel comprehensive technology upgrading, I am very honored to be a member of the Jinhai family and very lucky to catch up with the second time for Jinhai to take off. When the wind is good, it is time to sail to the future, and I will fully devote myself to the work with high morale.

The light of rust shines everywhere. I am moved by the dedicated, selfless, lovely and respectable people and things in the steel mill, and have been inspired and encouraged countless times. Their shoulders are not only responsibilities, but also a family. In the giant ship of Jinhai, I am just a small screw, perhaps insignificant, but I want to be a most solid and excellent screw. "Hard work, selfless dedication, with the giant ship forward", to realize their own life value, this is my dream!

Look, the blueprint has been planned, listen, the horn has been blown, the giant ship full of Jinhai expectations and the future is breaking the waves, let us work together, grow together with enterprises, and create a new brilliant number of Zhijinhai!


I grew up with Kim Hai
Customer Service Department/Lina Wang

Time is the track of dreams, is the eternal amber. Suddenly look back, Guangxi Jinhai Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. has gone through 24 years of spring and autumn, how many young people have just entered the society with the enterprise all the way wind and rain, all the way up, and I in the years of joining the Jinhai family, a member of the company, witnessing the prosperity and growth of our group, feeling the charm and passion of our group.

I just quit my last job at a state-owned enterprise, and I have no idea where to go. But life has to go on, there are old people, there are hungry children, all need me to support the situation. After ten years of experience in the society, the society has already smoothed the edges and corners, restrained the temper, and only sought all stability and stability, which is the best responsibility for the family.

On the first day I just stepped into Jinhai Office building, I felt that everyone was struggling for the future and working hard. Sitting in the cubicle tapping fingers, but feel like life is still at this moment. That's what keeps the house together. To be honest, whose ideal has not been grand, but the reality ah, is complex, do and do not do between the efforts to persuade you to bow your head don't be stupid. At this time, the mentality of my tile collapse, is no fighting spirit.

After the baptism of the following week, the mentality slowly changed, although at this time still want to silently play the role of screws, what great achievements, what great achievements, feel far away from me. Silently do a stepping stone is also a good choice. At least a screw is done, and it can also play a fixed role in the group's ambitious plate.

I entered Jinhai in May, during the sports competition in Jinhai, which is also the corporate culture that I did not have in the past company. At the beginning, I felt very curious and interested. So he signed up and took part in the competition. After this competition, let me deeply understand what is the Jinhai culture, what is the soul of an enterprise. Let my peaceful life ripples, there are fluctuations.

The change in mentality has given me a new definition of life. There is a new pursuit and a new journey. Compared with the past, I am more willing to put my mind on the work, touch the things that are not transparent, and try my best to understand and understand, and I have renewed my enthusiasm for work and yearned for a better life. The cultural enterprises in Jinhai enrich me both in work and entertainment. Every time an activity is held, I am the first organizer and the initiator of setting an example. It is Jinhai that brings me fun and enriches my cultural life! I thank Jinhai, thank Jinhai corporate culture, let me find my own value, to strive to enhance their own value, to complete the spiritual and cultural qualitative take-off!

During the two years of working together with Jinhai, I have made use of the good experience I learned in the past, led the department team to continuously learn and summarize the shortcomings, combined with the new knowledge I have learned, and basically completed the KPI indicators of the group this year, realizing my own leadership value. I am really grateful to Jinhai for giving me a platform to show myself. Give a soul rebirth opportunity, let me realize my dream, to a better life, to a higher level!

In the two years of working in Jinhai, I have experienced some, learned a lot, and matured a lot. In the eyes of colleagues, I also became a "master", new employees into the big family of Jinhai, will also ask me for advice, I will be like the original guidance and help my leaders, colleagues, I have learned to teach the new partners.

Here, I would like to express my special thanks to the leaders and colleagues for their support, care and help, so that I can adapt to the work requirements, work standards and work environment of the Customer Service Department as quickly as possible. In the future work, I will continue to give full play to my advantages and good work style, start from myself, continuously enhance my service awareness and level, pay more attention to learning business knowledge, practice and accumulation, and carefully listen to various opinions and suggestions from leaders and colleagues, and constantly apply what I have learned to practical work. In the ever-changing landscape of the enterprise, I vaguely see my own efforts to transform the figure, in Jinhai's spirit of enterprise inspired, my colleagues and I sweat like rain, full of passion. Enterprises put the employee happiness index in the first place, and employees will rest assured about their job functions! In Jinhai, the leaders and colleagues around me have played a great role in my growth. I am grateful to them for enriching and enriching my life process, and I am grateful to learn from them what will last a lifetime. However, I know that I have to continue to work hard, there is a lot to learn and progress. I hope to continue to experience, from thinking to ability, from people to things have been a good sublimation, keep up with the pace of enterprise progress, with the enterprise to grow together!



My big golden sea

Cold rolling workshop/Feng Chaoqiang

Flowers live for the beautiful moment of opening;
Silkworms live to break cocoon and welcome new life;
Small fish live to cross streams and rivers to the sea...
Every life has ideals and goals, so that the survival is more meaningful, life becomes more strong, full of vitality!

Time flies, Jinhai brilliant will usher in the 24th anniversary, all Jinhai colleagues feel very excited and happy. In the past 24 years, under the joint efforts of Wang and Juan sister and all Jinhai colleagues, Jinhai has undergone earth-shaking changes. We step by step, there are bitter, sweet, failure, success, but our hard work has also been a great harvest, fruitful.

But looking back, the scenes of the 24 years of Jinhai seem to be just yesterday. 24 years ago, Wang and Juan sister came to this barren mountain, created the Jinhai, the conditions and facilities at that time were very bad, encountered various difficulties in the construction process, but under the leadership of Wang and Juan sister, we overcame all difficulties, after working day and night, Jinhai plant quickly built, and created a new record in the peer.

Jinhai in the past 24 years, ups and downs are its growth story, one day and one night, can not be told. Fierce competition among peers; The vagaries of the market; National policies on energy conservation and emission reduction; External forces to suppress our economy; The global recession; All walks of life have been greatly affected, and every difficulty faced by enterprises is a struggle on the edge of life and death. We are not immune to these difficulties. In the face of every difficulty, Wang and Juan sister take appropriate measures and strategies, Jinhai colleagues up and down united, make Jinhai overcome difficulties again and again, Guan Guan sad, Guan Guan every difficult victory, make Jinhai a huge transformation. "The great responsibility of heaven is given to people, and they must first suffer their minds", every difficulty is also every opportunity. The opportunity is sometimes instantaneous, but we at Jinhai grasped it tightly, made great plans, and became stronger.

"Accumulate grain, build high walls", this is the purpose of General Wang concept. Jinhai can develop into today, which shows that Wang's view and concept are very correct. Juan sister advocates corporate culture, put forward Jinhai to have home culture, campus culture, military culture, and know how to be grateful, education and training of a group of enterprise talents, so that Jinhai people become more capable, capable, just like Jinhai that


I grew up with Kim Hai

Hardware warehouse/Locke fire sister

2023 is the 24th anniversary of the establishment of Jinhai Company, 24 years Jinhai from pipe to steelmaking, Jinhai people have been on the road, on the way to growth. In the twenty-four years of Jinhai unity and struggle, climbing the peak, unconsciously I also grew up with Jinhai for ten years, and witnessed the ten years of Jinhai striving for the upper reaches.

Everything is difficult at the beginning. In 1999, Jinhai Brilliant was established in Foshan. In the early days of the factory, it was only a small enterprise, with many competitors who were better and stronger than us, and we did not have any advantages and conditions for others. Under the correct leadership of Wang and Juan sister, under the efforts of the company's senior colleagues, from the first transaction, in the face of rapid change, survival of the fittest market competition, we have gradually created fruitful results. Experienced the extraordinary stage of hard entrepreneurship, difficult growth, pushing forward and steady development, staged the "how steel is refined", and gradually became the leader in the industry, becoming a rising star in the stainless steel industry.

In October 2013, I was honored to join Jinhai Company and work together with Jinhai. When I walked into Gimhae, my first impression was of a "garden-style" factory, with greenery occupying a third of the entire plant from the gate. After entering Jinhai, I saw the "real" Jinhai people, I saw the realistic and pragmatic leadership team, I saw the like-minded partners, I saw the transparent and open promotion system, and I also saw the dream I want to pursue. From raw materials - inspection - production - sales, one-stop production model staged in Jinhai, Jinhai company's corporate culture has been inherited. I hold the attitude of integrity, clean work, simple and continuous work every day, these seemingly simple work I also strive to do it better. Each of the company's pre-construction is involved, the new office building, the new centralized control center, the new hot-rolled 1050 line, the new pickling hot acid line and other new projects have witnessed the growth of the company, in the construction of the road is laborious, laborious. Production department overtime is a common thing, the sales department footprints all over China every corner, but no department mouth out complaints, where we need to go. Without actual combat experience, I did not give up any opportunity to exercise myself, and insisted on contributing my own strength. As a member of Jinhai, in the face of difficulties and challenges, we must not be overwhelmed by difficulties, seek ways to solve problems in the work, never stop the improvement plan, let small departments play a big role, and strive to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

In 2013, Guangxi Yulin Zhongjin Metal Co., Ltd. was put into production, and in 2018, Guangxi Ding Feng Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. was put into production. We Jinhai people always stand at the forefront of The Times, unite and work hard, strive for first-class, climb the peak, and constantly create new brilliance with our hard work and ingenuity. In its position to pursue their responsibilities, establish their own goals, clear their responsibilities, in the face of our customers, shareholders and business partners, we have a "high salary, high skills and talents" team, play each employee's wisdom; We adhere to the quality concept of "the quality of the product is the quality of the personality", and speak with excellent products; We adhere to the "customer value, I have value" business philosophy, and strive to make customers trust, shareholders rely on, opponents favor.

In 2023, Jinhai will be "fully operated." The business theme is "Digital Intelligence Take-off Year", creating digital intelligence Jinhai, comprehensively developing digital, information and intelligent power, and going all out to consolidate the goal of "smart factory" and realize Jinhai's take-off again. In the 24th anniversary of Jinhai, we have opened an extraordinary 24 years, from scratch, from small to big step by step, leaving a unique mark on the land of Guangxi. Jinhai and I have grown up together for ten years, from close onlookers to field participants, constantly proving themselves, realizing their own life value, and managing their own life future. Now, Jinhai stands on the new starting point of the 24th anniversary, as Jinhai employees, we have a long way to go for the future of Jinhai, will be concerned about Jinhai, forge ahead, and contribute their own strength in the work. On the occasion of the 24th birthday of the company, let us wish: Jinhai tomorrow more brilliant! Jinhai people come on! !



Me and my Kimhae

Pickling workshop/Tan Pengcheng

Jinhai brilliant has been through trials and hardships for 24 years, starlight does not live up to the people on the road. In this big family of Jinhai, everyone has their own story. I also have my own story, this is the story of me and my Jinhae.

I still remember the first time I stepped into the gate of Gimhae, my heart was filled with anticipation and anxiety. After all, this is a place I don't know at all, I don't know what will happen, what my future will carry here. However, I was soon impressed by the enthusiasm and energy of Kimhae, and I believed that I would find my place here.

Since then, I started my own journey of growth in Gimhae. Here, I not only learned how to do my job better, but also met many excellent colleagues who have accompanied me along the way. In the flood of Jinhai, I feel the power of teamwork, which makes me feel that no matter what difficulties I encounter, they can be overcome.

During my work in Jinhai, I participated in many excellent projects, such as the installation of pipes and equipment in pickling section; Annealing furnace oven work. These projects not only allowed me to better understand Jinhai Pickling Line, but also made me more familiar with my responsibilities, and let me see my growth and improvement. Here, I am as ignorant as a child, connecting from one point to another and building my own knowledge system. Every leader and every master of Jinhai guided me patiently, so that I could take fewer detaches on the road of growth and accumulate more valuable experience.

Looking back over the past nine months, my Jinhai and I have been moving forward together, and each step has been experiencing our tenacity and passion for struggle. In the family of Jinhai, we share the spirit of solidarity and friendship, listen to the voice of every employee, and provide a better working environment and stage so that we can fully realize our personal potential and build a better future. Gimhae is our common struggle, but also our home.

Recalling last August, Jinhai 1050mm stainless steel strip black rolling solution green production line project is still under construction, I chose to follow up the construction. At that time, there was only the foundation, the wind and the sun and the rain, there was no shelter, as long as it rained, the ground was muddy, and at that time the weather was still the hottest summer. After more than 4 months, and construction colleagues witnessed the workshop B line trial production. In these days, the spirit of colleagues working hard, indomitable and never giving up has deeply touched me and inspired me.

In my opinion, success is not a great victory every day, but a harvest of growth every step of the way. Jinhai provides us with such an opportunity to feel more and grow in our work and life, and the sense of accomplishment is beyond words.

All in all, my Kimhae and I have been on a bumpy but wonderful journey. Here, I am full of energy, full of confidence, full of motivation. On the road ahead, my Jinhai and I still have many unfinished tasks, many opportunities and challenges. I believe that as long as we closely unite and work together, we will be able to build a more perfect and brilliant Jinhai!



My days in Gimhae

Customer Service Department/Li Shuying

Unconsciously, into the Jinhai 5 years, looking back on the 5 years of study and work, there are the first in the workshop to learn the delivery of hardships and sweat, there are the initial difficulties and setbacks when the documentary, but also the joy and satisfaction of a successful completion of the task, I am very happy to enter the Jinhai and everyone to learn together, grow together, progress together.

Initially, I worked in the Statistics Department as a top job (black leather shipments - steelmaking statistics - hot rolling statistics - cold rolling shipments - cold rolling documents). I don't know enough about the job positioning. In my work, I often find that I don't know how to start because of process problems. I am very lucky to have teachers who teach me experience, colleagues who help me grow, and a harmonious atmosphere that carries each other and works together. Here I would like to thank the company for letting me train in the black leather production line for several months, so that I can personally understand the company's product production process and specifications and models at the first time, which has laid a solid foundation for the future work of documentary.

After returning to the statistical office after the internship, I also began to have a comprehensive understanding of the company's rules and regulations and get familiar with the company's corporate culture. Through understanding and familiarity, I feel proud to be able to enter this department of the company, but also feel my own pressure. In the future work, I will follow the rules and regulations of the company as the standard, strictly demand myself, dare to try in the case of adhering to the principles, and complete the task faster and better.

I have to admit that at the beginning, I did not have too many specific concepts for the documentary, thanks to the careful cultivation and encouragement of the leadership. Slowly began to get familiar with the specific operation process of the documentary. In the work, I learned that in addition to serious and careful work, we should do: first, we should work hard from the basic skills and master the business; The second is to take the initiative to cultivate their own rigorous and meticulous habits, no matter what kind of things in the face, first to do calm, not impatient. The third is to do not feel ashamed to ask, do not understand to ask, have questions to ask. Documentary in the beginning may be a novel work, a long time may produce boring emotions, which is needed to avoid, no matter what nature of work, are playing their own role, only perseverance in order to continue to progress. Only in this way, I think, can I do a good job in this job and continuously improve my ability, so as to lay a good foundation for further development.

For orders, feedback production progress to customers and leaders in time during the production process. It is necessary to use some professional documentary tools to help solve the chores and small things in the documentary process, promote the smooth progress of foreign exchange collection, and ensure the timely delivery of orders. Looking back, every time I successfully solved a problem, I felt positive about myself. Of course, these achievements include the long-term care of leaders and the mutual assistance of colleagues, but at the same time, I also deeply realize that there are many shortcomings in my work, and I need to further learn and improve in the next stage of work.

1, business knowledge is not solid enough, in the future work, I ask myself to learn humbly, strive for greater progress in all aspects.

2, merchandising is a very meticulous work, so we must be careful and meticulous when merchandising, improve communication skills with customers. The words are thorough and not leaking.

3, each shipment is also accompanied by the arrival of the next shipment, we need to communicate with the plan to determine the approximate shipment time. Go to the workshop to see the production situation, output, etc. Follow up daily to confirm the production progress and daily inventory status, so as to better prepare for shipment.

When I came to work in the Statistics Department, my harvest is that I have made great progress and improvement in professionalism, ideological realm, professional quality and working ability, which also encourages me to keep moving forward and improving in my work. As the company continues to grow, it can be expected that our work will be more heavy, more demanding, and need to master higher and broader knowledge. To this end, I will work more diligently, study hard and improve the cultural quality and various work skills, and make due contributions to the company. I understand that the better tomorrow of the enterprise depends on everyone's efforts to create, I believe that with the joint efforts of all employees, the tomorrow of the enterprise will be better and more brilliant!



Me and my Kimhae

Oxygen production workshop/Wu Yefeng

Looking back on the development of the company in the past 24 years, both the hardships of entrepreneurship and the joy of success, from a small factory with dozens of people, to now have more than 1,000 enterprise groups, and is the leader in the stainless steel industry. From the initial single cold rolling series, the development now has a complete production chain of steelmaking, oxygen production, hot rolling, pickling, and cold rolling, and gradually transformed from traditional manufacturing to a modern enterprise group with a high degree of automation, which embodies the hard work and wisdom of all Jinhai people, as well as blood and sweat, the company's growth trajectory shows that Jinhai people "strive for self-improvement, Innovation "spirit of corporate culture.

I have been in Jinhai Company for 11 years, Jinhai is like a big family, he brought me infinite happiness, but also let me learn a lot, from the initial oxygen air separation master operation to the current operation director, every footprint is clear as if you can touch, every return to the capital is my deep love for Jinhai company and Jinhai people, that is where my dream began.

Because the company has the lead of Sister Juan and General Wang, the excellent leadership team to offer suggestions, and all the Jinhai family people's concerted efforts, let me feel the responsibility of the great, but also let me work harder, they gave me the motivation, the company's every development and growth is the greatest pride of every ordinary employee of us. Every growth and progress of the company is the biggest dream of every ordinary employee. We always believe that how big the dream is, how big our stage is.

From 2020 to 2022, more than two years of the new coronavirus epidemic has a huge impact on the global real economy, and our Jinhai Company has also experienced the pain of production suspension for 7 months and 21 days, but we did not back down. Under the leadership of Sister Juan and General Wang, all Jinhai people have learned from the pain, united sincerely, and bucked the trend. They have opened four major technological transformation projects, while maintaining production and conducting construction. The scale is equivalent to rebuilding a large golden sea, the degree of automation has jumped to the top of the pyramid of the stainless steel industry, and all technical transformation projects are also entering production according to the established plan.

Entering 2023, with the establishment of the company's annual business theme of "Digital intelligence Take-off Year", Jinhai Company is also steadily advancing towards the predetermined goal. At present, the production management digital system and the smart park system have been launched, and everyone is familiar with the new process flow and new operating standards of automation, digitalization, information technology and intelligence, and welcomes the future with a new spiritual outlook.

In recent years, the company's culture construction is not lagging behind, in addition to the annual regular labor competition, sports competition and singing contest, there are monthly performance summary and 6S management training, changed all of us, the spirit of enterprise, the company's mission, vision, core values deeply rooted in people's hearts, enterprise management is moving toward formalization, specialization, automation, A learning and innovative team is taking shape.

Today, we have witnessed the history and honed the wisdom of Jinhai family together; In the future, history will witness that we share the harvest with the later generations!

Let us under the correct leadership of Juan sister and Wang, to strive beyond, the pursuit of excellence in the spirit of enterprise, forge ahead, strive to create our Jinhai more brilliant, brilliant tomorrow.




Kim Haisong

Quality clasp part/full elegant dream

A name that goes forward

A name for fighting spirit

A name the family can relate to

It's called ----- Gimhae

In the planting season

It has sprung up like bamboo shoots

Equipment upgrading

Completion of infrastructure

The blueprints are full of blood

It's Kim Hai's faith

It is the hope of Kimhae

No matter how difficult it is, it can not shake the determination of Jinhai people to do the best

Can not stop Jinhai strived forward to create the future

Can not stop Jinhai to catch up with the pace of time

We need to keep pace with The Times, step by step

Past tribulations

Past wind and rain

Former glory

We have no regrets

We are dedicated and innovative

Great Golden Sea vast platform

Put wings on the fly for the dream

We are fortunate to have enlightened leadership

We are glad to have kind leadership

He firmly believes that

He who wins the heart wins the world

Be as effective as the army

It has to be like a family

Teach and educate like a school

Only mindfulness, right knowledge, and right vision are allowed

We are moving towards independence and dignity

We say goodbye to dependence and machiavellian

We are in an age of struggle

We are facing an era of rapid development

Moving forward is the only way out for us

Life is not waiting for the beauty

Only come out brilliant

Business, we're serious!

One heart, can do, share the destiny!

May our great golden sea

To a more brilliant tomorrow!


The growth record of Jinhai Company

Oxygen workshop/Li Changzheng

Time goes by, I have been in the company for 12 years, I have always been full of enthusiasm for work, full of hope, insist on starting from small things, do small things well. Here I have to pay, also have my harvest, more I can recall the footprint of my life. I feel honored to be a member of Jinhai Company!

The air separation work of the oxygen plant is ordinary, ensuring the normal operation of the unit and ensuring the production gas demand. Do what you're good at, work hard and grow, and you won't regret it. I just entered the company hazy to the current team management, cognition has changed a lot. I firmly believe that if Jinhai is compared to a big family, then I am one of the children. The passion and love of parents will be passed to each child, and will eventually make me gain the wealth of growth, so that we will respect and support Jinhai without regret. Only in Gimhae can you show your self-worth, only in Gimhae can you show your most beautiful dance. How big the heart, how big the stage! In the days dedicated to Jinhai, the great Jinhai partners are my role models, so that I grow wings to explore and fly to a wider sky. Under the correct leadership of Juan sister and Wang General, all staff management, the number of wisdom to take off, into the number of Zhijinhai high-quality development of a new journey, so that the company's tomorrow more brilliant!

In order to improve my cultural level and ability, I took a correspondence course to improve my education. Through two and a half years of business management study, I have got a good exercise and improvement. Work hard to learn professional theoretical knowledge, the knowledge learned to apply in the usual work, the effect is very good. In the team management, hard work, strong sense of responsibility, focus on outstanding completion of various work, promote team communication and cooperation, has been recognized and praised by partners.

In order to have a higher political and ideological consciousness, I actively engage with the party organization, is now an active member of the party, and strive to become a qualified Communist Party member as soon as possible. In the company, I respect leaders, unite partners, love my job, have the courage to criticize and self-criticize, establish a correct outlook on life and values, and continue to grow and progress. In the future work and life, I will continue to learn and improve myself, so that I can enrich myself, dare to work hard, and challenge the future!

No one in this world can do what they want, life will force you to make choices, only their own bitter pain, no empathy. We must let go of our pride and admit our mistakes, which is not to admit defeat, but to grow up. The past will not come again, the future is unpredictable, the only thing I can do is not to let today become tomorrow's regret. Live seriously, laugh shamelessly!

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