Social welfare | Warm love and love -- Jinhai Stainless Steel "61" love activities!

Social welfare | Warm love and love -- Jinhai Stainless Steel "61" love activities!

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  • (Summary description)Warm love and love -- Jinhai Stainless Steel "61" love activities!

    Social welfare | Warm love and love -- Jinhai Stainless Steel "61" love activities!

    (Summary description)Warm love and love -- Jinhai Stainless Steel "61" love activities!

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    The sun shines brightly in June, and the flowers are colorful in June.

    June 1, 2023 International Children's Day is approaching, Changzhou District Bureau of Industry and information with Guangxi Wuzhou Jinhai Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. to participate in Pinglang Primary School "learning twenty, childlike innocence to the party" activities, and to organize condolences and gifts for the children.



    Drizzle moistens the grass and trees, and warm children's hearts with warm love

    Spending "61" with the children of Pinglang Hope Primary School is what Jinhai Stainless Steel must do every year.

    Under the leadership of Changzhou District Industry and Information Bureau, Jinhai Stainless Steel Party branch and human resources Department, with the care and greetings of Chairman Juan sister and group President Wang, they walked into Pinglang Hope Primary School to offer sympathy activities.

    I hope that through the love activities, let the students know that "61" section is their own festival, know the concern of all sectors of society, so that the seeds of love for the Party and patriotism sprout in the hearts of children.

    Warm heart, care for left-behind children


    Care and help children in distress


    Encourage, support and motivate outstanding students


    In the process of sympathy, everyone sent stationery, snacks, daily necessities to the students, and sent holiday wishes. At the same time, cordial communication with the children, detailed understanding of their family situation and difficulties, encourage them to face life with a positive and optimistic attitude, develop good learning and living habits, self-improvement, hard work.

    Pinglang Hope Primary school student representatives spoke, the leadership, teachers and all sectors of society care deeply grateful, inspirational to cherish today's happy time, do not live up to the motherland's trust, do not live up to the expectations of parents, do not live up to the teachings of teachers, today solid exercise wings, the next day soar to fight the sky, with excellent results to return the party and the country, society's care!


    Finally, the children brought a wonderful performance for everyone, with dance, chorus and other wonderful programs for the audience to feast their eyes, to win bursts of applause.

    I feel the care and warmth of the Party, the government and all sectors of society, and create a strong atmosphere of caring for the healthy growth of children.

    Children are the future of the motherland, but also the hope of the nation.

    Jinhai Stainless Steel will continue to play the role of a leading enterprise, strengthen corporate social welfare, continue to carry forward the spirit of caring for vulnerable children in society, continue to tap the needs of families of children in difficulties, actively mobilize the strength of the enterprise, and carry out "warm heart" services with intentions to help children in difficulties grow physically and mentally healthy and happy.

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