Enterprise honor "billions of wisdom factory" | stainless steel industry - remember the architects of guangxi outstanding private entrepreneurs wen-hui wang

Enterprise honor "billions of wisdom factory" | stainless steel industry - remember the architects of guangxi outstanding private entrepreneurs wen-hui wang

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(Summary description)stainless steel industry - remember the architects of guangxi outstanding private entrepreneurs wen-hui wang

Enterprise honor "billions of wisdom factory" | stainless steel industry - remember the architects of guangxi outstanding private entrepreneurs wen-hui wang

(Summary description)stainless steel industry - remember the architects of guangxi outstanding private entrepreneurs wen-hui wang

  • Categories:Company Culture
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  • Origin:From the Wuzhou United Front
  • Time of issue:2023-01-13 16:15
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In the middle of winter, walking into Wuzhou Jinhai Stainless Steel Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Wuzhou Jinhai Company") located in Wuzhou Changzhou Stainless Steel Products Industrial Park, I can only see a clear pond with clear water and a row of tall buildings standing in the shade of green trees. The brown exterior walls look calm and magnificent.

Wuzhou Jinhai factory


This garden-style factory is carefully laid out by Wang Wenhui, president of Wuzhou Jinhai Company. "Green ecology and environmental protection" is the development concept he has been implementing for many years. In August 2022, Jinhai 1050mm stainless steel full continuous rolling green production line was officially completed and put into operation, featuring high automation, low energy consumption, green environmental protection and other features. This is not only a milestone of Wuzhou Jinhai Company's technological transformation, but also a testament to Wang Wenhui's entrepreneurial wisdom of adhering to green development.

In 2022, Wuzhou Jinhai Company's annual output of stainless steel products exceeds 750,000 tons, with an annual output value of 6.9 billion yuan, ranking 26th among the "Top 100 Private Enterprises in Guangxi". Wang Wenhui was also selected as one of the outstanding Private entrepreneurs in Guangxi in 2022.

Wang Wenhui in the 1050mm stainless steel full continuous rolling green production line at the formal completion and production ceremony



After long hours and sleepless nights, modern industrial enterprises were built on the loess


In 1999, Wang Wenhui, who had been engaged in the sales of stainless steel products, decided to transition to the real economy, so he set up Guangdong Jinhai Brilliant Group Co., Ltd. in Foshan, Guangdong, focusing on the production of stainless steel decorative pipe products. In ten years, the company has developed from 4 production lines to 138, from 20 employees to more than 1,300 people, from domestic to international market, from the implementation of industrial credit to the establishment of "cash spot" industry rules, from single brand to multi-brand strategy, from agency system to direct chain stores, Jinhai reached the brilliant peak of decoration pipe industry in 2008.

In 2009, faced with a sudden shortage of steel raw materials, Wang Wenhui sensed a new business opportunity from the crisis, and he conceived the idea of developing into the upstream industry. So he decided to travel upstream from Foshan, Guangdong Province to Wuzhou, in the Changzhou District suburb of the location of a stainless steel production project.

Wang Wenhui said, "I remember when I first came here, there were mountains and dirt roads in front of me. We had to dig the 114-meter-high mountain to more than 40 meters before we could build the factory. I wore rain shoes and walked back and forth on the muddy road for more than 10 hours every day."

Wang Wenhui directs the production line in the workshop


"Avoid empty talk, real work" is Wang Wenhui most often said a sentence. In the preparation for the establishment of Wuzhou Jinhai Company, Wang Wenhui personally took the fight. He led his employees to fight tirelessly for more than 200 days and nights, braving wind and rain and scorching sun. In June 2012, a modern stainless steel factory was finally built on a piece of loess, and Wuzhou Jinhai's 1 million tons of recycled stainless steel steelmaking production line was put into operation. It was also the first enterprise to settle in and put into production in Wuzhou Stainless Steel Products Industrial Park. It also created the "Wuzhou Speed" that was put into production in the same year and reached the standard in the same year, successfully creating the whole short process stainless steel industry chain.



Open up and innovate to create "ten billion smart Factory" in Stainless steel Industry


Innovation is the soul of an enterprise and the guarantee of its sustainable development. Wang Wenhui has always insisted on leading development with innovation, breaking the development bottleneck with concept innovation, driving management innovation and operation model innovation with technology innovation, and guaranteeing the strong development power of the enterprise in the future.

In 2014, as raw material costs continued to soar, the original supplier of ferric nickel, the raw material used to make stainless steel, went bankrupt, leading to shortages. How to solve this "stuck neck" big problem? Wang Wenhui's idea is not to change manufacturers to find raw materials, but "self-sufficiency."

In the same year, Wang Wenhui set up a nickel-iron plant in Yulin City for "self-rescue". Subsequently, Nickelworks entered the capital market and was listed on the New Third Board. In 2018, it was successfully acquired by Guangxi Liusteel Group, creating a model of "integration of state-owned enterprises and private enterprises". So far, from the downstream of the industrial chain to the upstream, from stainless steel pipe to stainless steel smelting, Wang Wenhui established a long process of stainless steel whole industrial chain operation of the group enterprise.

In 2017, Wang Wenhui took the initiative to inspect the production of enterprises under the background of the nationwide vigorous rectification and ban of "floor steel" and the elimination of outdated production capacity, and resolutely achieved legal compliance. He went to Beijing, Nanning, Foshan, Changsha and other places to strengthen the communication with experts, scholars and professional institutions in the industry, conducted regular testing of enterprise products, and fully demonstrated the stainless steel recycling process of enterprises in the park, and promoted the "seven projects, three battles", and walked out of a unique clean, green, environmental protection and high-quality development road.

Jinhai 1.2 million tons of stainless steel solution and products green production line annealing furnace ignition success


In order to actively respond to the deployment requirements of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government on promoting "carbon peak and carbon neutral", and establish the concept of "clear water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains", Wuzhou Jinhai Company started the distributed photovoltaic power generation project on the roof of the plant in 2021. The project covers an area of 150,000 square meters, with an annual total power generation of 17 million KWH, which can reduce the electric energy consumption of the enterprise by 8% every year. The whole life cycle can produce about 430 million KWH of green clean electricity within 25 years, and reduce 450,000 tons of CO2 in total.

In recent years, Wang Wenhui has devoted himself to the comprehensive upgrading and transformation of Wuzhou Jinhai, initiating the construction of four major technical transformation projects, with a total investment of more than 2 billion yuan. In December 2022, the green production phase of 1.2 million tons of stainless steel solid solution and products, including 2 fully automated solid solution pickling production lines, was completed and put into operation, which is expected to increase the industrial output value of the enterprise by 7 billion yuan. So far, Jinhai stainless steel refining, tying, acid, cold four technical transformation project completed, to promote Wuzhou stainless steel industry chain extension, and stainless steel industry transformation and upgrading has played a great role in promoting.

In addition, Wang Wenhui also innovated Shanghai Jinhai Stainless steel production digital system project, through the construction of "industrial brain", to achieve intelligent manufacturing. In August 2022, the system has completed the demand survey and data collection assessment, and started trial operation on New Year's Day this year.

Wuzhou Jinhai hot rolling intelligent monitoring platform


It is Wang Wenhui's grand plan at this stage to build a "ten-billion smart factory" with digitized factory, intelligent equipment, flexible production and intelligent decision-making.



Heavy love and trustworthy, in the industry to win consistent good reputation


"Integrity" is Wang Wenhui always adhere to the credo.

During 2014 and 2015, steel raw material prices fell to the bottom. As it happened, Mr. Wang had already bought 440,000 tons of red clay ore before his iron-making plant went into operation. He could have canceled some of the order and reordered it at the current low price, but he didn't. "It's easy to undo a contract, but hard to build trust," he says.

Wang Wenhui insisted on taking delivery of goods according to the original contract, and thus won the trust of the supplier. Since then, even if the raw material market is out of stock, the supplier will deliver sufficient goods to Wuzhou Jinhai Company on time.

After the Spring Festival in 2016, the price of stainless steel, which had been depressed for 5 years, exploded overnight. There could have been a lot of excuses not to supply to downstream customers to stock up, but Wang Wenhui did not do so, he still shipped on time according to the original contract. Keeping faith and operating legally, Wang Wenhui has won the unanimous recognition and trust of downstream customers and upstream suppliers.

Wang Wenhui and his Jinhai Iron Army


The heavy friendship also won Wang Wenhui a good reputation.

Since the establishment of Jinhai Brilliant Group, Wang Wenhui has spent millions of yuan every year to create a learning platform, and has trained tens of thousands of people to become professionals in various positions in the stainless steel industry. More than 2,000 people have been employed for a long time, and more than 100 outstanding entrepreneurs in the stainless steel industry have been cultivated, which is known as the invincible "Jinhai Iron Army" in the industry.

While caring for employees, Wang Wenhui is also enthusiastic about social causes such as education. In August 2022, Wuzhou Jinhai Company signed a contract with Wuzhou University to set up "Jinhai Scholarship", donating 90,000 yuan to help students from poor families with excellent character and academic performance complete their studies successfully.

In the past five years, Wang Wenhui and his enterprises have donated more than 10 million yuan in charitable and public welfare undertakings, such as targeted Poverty Alleviation Action, epidemic prevention and control, caring for left-behind children, Lion Club assistance, and sending warmth to the elderly.

Jinhai Company establishes "Jinhai Scholarship" in Wuzhou University


As the president of Wuzhou Guangdong Chamber of Commerce, Wang Wenhui regards Guangdong businessmen doing business in Wuzhou as relatives and family members. He vigorously promoted the self-construction of the Chamber of Commerce, established institutions, organized activities, strengthened exchanges and promoted cooperation, and successfully ran the chamber of commerce to promote the economic and trade exchanges between Guangdong and Guangdong. In 2022, Wuzhou Guangdong Chamber of Commerce won the title of National "Four Good" Chamber of Commerce in 2021-2022.

Xiongguan road is really like iron, and now step from the beginning.

Under the guidance of the spirit of the Party's 20 National Congress, as an excellent private entrepreneur in the new era, Wang Wenhui said that he will continue to lead Jinhai Iron Army to stride forward the next decade of high-quality development, and make greater contributions to promoting the closed-loop development, cluster development and green development of Wuzhou stainless steel industry chain.


Editor's note

Since 2022, the United Front Work Department of the CPC Municipal Committee and the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce have thoroughly studied and implemented the Party's 20 Great Spirits, earnestly implemented the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee, the Party Committee of the autonomous region and the Municipal Committee, and actively promoted the healthy development of the private economy and the healthy growth of private businessmen. In November 2022, the United Front Work Department of the CPC Committee of the Autonomous Region, the Federation of Industry and Commerce of the autonomous Region, and the Guangxi Guangcai Business Promotion Association decided to announce and praise 98 outstanding private entrepreneurs in 2022. Wuzhou private entrepreneurs Wang Wenhui, Wang Chunyu, Wu Yan, Yin Xiaochun and Dong Longfeng were selected.

In order to further give play to the leading role of example, inspire the majority of private entrepreneurs in Wuzhou to firm their ideals and convictions, constantly stimulate the enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and innovation, and help Wuzhou's high-quality economic and social development, the United Front Work Department of the CPC Municipal Committee has successively released a series of character reports on 5 outstanding private entrepreneurs in Guangxi to show the elegance of private entrepreneurs in Wuzhou.

Source of this article: Wuzhou United Front

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