Performance incentive | "the overall management. Number wisdom take-off "Jinhai Stainless Steel 2023 annual war chess promotion conference held successfully!

Performance incentive | "the overall management. Number wisdom take-off "Jinhai Stainless Steel 2023 annual war chess promotion conference held successfully!

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(Summary description)"the overall management. Number wisdom take-off "Jinhai Stainless Steel 2023 annual war chess promotion conference held successfully!

Performance incentive | "the overall management. Number wisdom take-off "Jinhai Stainless Steel 2023 annual war chess promotion conference held successfully!

(Summary description)"the overall management. Number wisdom take-off "Jinhai Stainless Steel 2023 annual war chess promotion conference held successfully!

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  • Origin:Jinhai Stainless steel
  • Time of issue:2023-01-14 16:05
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Continue to open a new bureau, lean planning to take off!

On January 10, 2023, Jinhai Stainless Steel's annual war game promotion Conference opened in the grand and heroic Jinhai business declaration, "all personnel management. The annual theme work deployment of "Data wisdom Take-off" was officially launched!

As one of the three magic weapons of Jinhai performance management, the strategy of continuous iteration and continuous evolution has effectively promoted the performance management at all stages. Jinhai Tiejun made a comprehensive review and in-depth summary according to the target of 2022 to find out the advantages and shortcomings; At the same time, we will focus on 2023. The annual theme of "Numerical Intelligence Flying" is to strengthen advantages, strengthen weaknesses, make comprehensive and systematic planning, define specific measures and formulate action plans.



Conference orientation


Thinking determines the way out, layout determines the outcome. Ms. Lu Yanxian, general manager of Wuzhou Jinhai, made a meeting orientation for the 2023 War Game rehearsal conference. Mr. Lu emphasized that all workshops and departments should find out the reasons for the incomplete KPI according to the completion of the 2022 annual target, deeply analyze the existing problems in the department, distinguish the subjective and objective causes, distinguish between general problems and individual problems, review whether there are plans for the uncertain problems, and how to recover the target. How to optimize the measures, how to prevent the recurrence of similar problems.


Next, each workshop and each department around 2023 "full operation. "Number Wisdom Flying" annual work theme, organize cadres to study hard, organize employees to deeply understand how to achieve the 2023 goal, how to implement specific measures, to find out specific action plans. Today's war games conference, the conference flow first, second line, report focus, strategy, light summary, heavy planning. Not only reporting, but also learning from each other.
All the results of 2022 will be "repeated" today, and all the results of 2023 will be "seen" today. Let's refuel together, move forward together, through today's military chess review conference for 2023 work flag orientation, paving the way for the realization of 2023 goals!



Frontline department reporting PK


Innovation drive to improve efficiency, lean management to create excellent products!

In 2022, all first-line production workshops will fully launch the "automation, digitization, information technology and intelligent" four technical transformation project, aiming at improving efficiency, improving quality and reducing cost at a higher level. Each workshop according to the production and operation objectives, technical transformation and construction objectives, the completion of the situation report, gain and loss analysis, review of key work, key action review...... Comprehensively clarify their own strengths and weaknesses, and further clarify the direction of work.


In 2023, all production plants will be operated around "full staff". The annual work theme of "Data Wisdom Flying" includes systematic planning from the dimensions of environment, target, human resource, finance, strategy, action, performance and belief; resource raising from the dimensions of human, machine, material, law and environment centering on key performance indicators; detailed arrangement of timing, frequency, responsible person and assessment centering on strategic measures...

Clarify in the duty report, strengthen in the military strategetic. Jinhai Iron Army understands that this is not only a statement of duty, but also a military parade, through the strategy, through the statement of duty PK, further summarize the gains and losses, further dig the essence; Further improve planning, further optimize measures.


Second line PK


Soldiers and horses have not moved, grain and grass first!

2022 second-line material control support department, operation support department, supply chain support department...... In terms of strategic concept and tactical execution, Jinhai Iron Army has the same foresight and high execution force as the first-line Iron Army. Jinhai Iron Army knows that the ultimate battle is the guarantee, and the ultimate market competition is also the organizational guarantee ability.


Centering on the company's strategy of "professionalization of talents, branding of products, digitization of management" and department objectives, focusing on ensuring efficiency and execution, in-depth analysis, analysis of gains and losses, identifying gaps, and updating methods.

In 2023, second-line guarantee departments will change their thinking and strengthen their awareness of innovation. They will carry out management innovation and operation innovation and improve personnel quality from the dimensions of digital empowerment, high-quality development and goals, human resources, finance, performance, actions, evaluation, suggestions and beliefs, so as to fully ensure the implementation of 2023 strategy and the achievement of goals.


Interdepartmental PK


There is a friendly army called the Blue Army; There is a victory, call yourself to overcome yourself!

Interdepartmental demand reply, interdepartmental suggestions, interdepartmental coordination mechanism, is another scenery of the war chess review conference. Jinhai Iron Army has a realm and wisdom. It is better to let oneself conquer oneself than to let rivals conquer their own business. Rather than provoking market complaints, it is better to let sibling divisions sharpen themselves in advance. Brother departments are the Red Army and the blue Army, and military planning is a live-fire drill. Fierce exchanges between departments do not avoid problems, avoid weaknesses or ignore deficiencies. Their starting point is to solve problems, improve work and achieve goals by brainstorming new ideas, brewing new methods and studying new measures.

Through inter-departmental PK, it is necessary to improve mechanisms, optimize processes, strengthen collaboration, form synergy, strengthen strengths and strengthen weaknesses, comprehensively promote digital empowerment, and promote the high-quality development of "digital intelligence and Gold Sea".


Leadership comment


Earnest guidance, the Midas touch into gold!

Leadership comment link, sharp, sharp, is not only comment, but also training. Company executives for each workshop, each department strategize, with a lofty strategic vision, with accurate strategies and methods, problems do not let go, measures are not satisfied, emphasize the key points, point out the direction of force.

Jinhai Iron Army understands that this is the relationship between Jinhai Stainless Steel 2023 strategic deployment, layout of the conference, this is the relationship between the survival and development of Jinhai Stainless Steel, the key meeting to achieve the goal. How can Jinhai people let go of a problem, how can Jinhai iron army allow a flaw.


Wuzhou Jinhai general manager summary


Road resistance and long, line will be!

Ms. Lu Yanxian, general manager of Wuzhou Jinhai, made a summary of the war games. During the war games in 2023, the heads of all departments seriously thought about and summarized, and did not avoid the problems, but also came up with specific solutions. Only in this way can the same problems be prevented from happening again.

In 2023, the key is how to promote and implement the goals, including measures, responsible persons and resources. According to the "talent professionalization" strategy, continue to do a good job in talent introduction and optimization and elimination; According to the annual theme of "All personnel management, numerical intelligence take-off", we should fully implement and promote, ensure that the production digital system goes through completely, and maximize the value of the four modernizations technological transformation. Although the difficulties, but we have no excuse, only efforts, to grasp the core work and focus of the department, to the results, to the results.


Group general manager's summary


Go all out and work harder!

Mr. Li Zhigang, general manager of the group, made a summary at the military chess rehearsal meeting. The work summary was resumed in 2022. Everyone pointed out the problems and reflected on them in place. The key is how to lead the department to achieve its goals in 2023. How to lead the department to improve performance? KPI is only a key performance indicator, some quantitative indicators have not been assessed, and some qualitative indicators have not been assessed. However, these are factors affecting the overall operation of the department and the overall performance or long-term development of the company, which should be taken into consideration and paid attention to by department heads. Affected by the epidemic and the international situation in 2022, the cold wave of the steel industry is rolling, and the overall profit of the industry is declining. Jinhai Stainless Steel is not immune. Under such a severe situation, in 2023, Jinhai Iron Army should take the spirit of ownership, think what the enterprise wants, go all out, work harder, set an example, take the lead and follow the example, and focus on "comprehensive operation. The annual work theme of "Number Wisdom Flying" will promote the achievement of various work goals in 2023.



Group president's summary


Long journey, only struggle!

Mr. Wang Wenhui, president of the Group, made a speech at the conference. Mr. Wang stressed that a successful enterprise must be one that is good at summarizing. Every Jinhai people should ask themselves, in the cold winter of the steel industry, why we survived, why we did not fall... In addition to our professional team and hard work spirit, the key is that we control the product life cycle and continue to invest in technological innovation.

"Automation, digitization, information, intelligence" the essence of the four modernizations of technology, is efficiency, is efficiency improvement! Looking back on the struggle of Jinhai Stainless Steel for more than 10 years, the people of Jinhai should understand that we have been fighting against inefficiency and focusing on efficiency improvement. As you know, as long as the factory lasts for a day, it will incur basic costs. The cruel reality of the market requires us to cherish every day, not to waste every day, to ensure the efficiency of every day, to produce every day of business value.

Among them, in the whole industry chain of Jinhai Stainless steel, steelmaking is the leader, the leader must dance up, the other links will not be affected, you must try your best to release the capacity, do everything possible to promote the production, the responsibility on the shoulder, because this relates to more than 1000 employees income, related to the livelihood of more than 1000 families... Group heavy investment, completely bid farewell to the past backward equipment, low production capacity, now is equipment innovation, process innovation, energy supply innovation, the four modernization technology transformation is fully completed, a new platform has been built, everything is ready, only owe Dongfeng, 2023, we only roll up our sleeves to work hard, do not live up to the trust and expectations of sister Juan! In order to achieve high quality development of Jinhai stainless steel! In order to truly realize the second take-off of Jinhai!



Full operation of the number of wisdom take-off


We speak in terms of actions and results, we focus on goals, and we focus on strategy to deduce "visible" results. 2023, we return to the basics, focus on benefits, with all staff operating consciousness, lean management thinking, cost reduction and efficiency, improve quality. In the first year of implementing the Party's 20 National Principles and in the first year of "Digital Intelligence and Gold Sea", we will work hard and stride forward a new journey of high-quality development of "digital Intelligence and Gold Sea".

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