Yun elder sister message | 2023 New Year, to the wind By the light running

Yun elder sister message | 2023 New Year, to the wind By the light running

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  • Time of issue:2023-01-06 15:45
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(Summary description)Yun elder sister message | 2023 New Year, to the wind By the light running

Yun elder sister message | 2023 New Year, to the wind By the light running

(Summary description)Yun elder sister message | 2023 New Year, to the wind By the light running

  • Categories:Company Culture
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  • Origin:Jinhai Stainless steel
  • Time of issue:2023-01-06 15:45
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2023, to the wind and run by light


For most of the year, in addition to the general environment of uncertainty, our pace of life has been affected by the epidemic. I am no exception. In 2022, I witnessed the end of an era amid pain, high fever, wheezing and coughing.

Partners, once again sitting in front of the computer, thoughts are myriad, recalling the epidemic of the past three years, as a "serial entrepreneur" hard work for three years, although experienced a lot of unprecedented accidents and hardships, but happy is that Jinhai partners did not spend the three years, hard to see outstanding, steady to see beyond, the great dream of the "four major projects" as expected, The strategic blueprint of creating a new Golden Sea is also reflected in reality.

Thousands of acres of garden-style green ecological industrial park domineering and elegant present in front of us;

Simple but not simple, practical and personalized office buildings are the battlefield of our daily life;

The integration of Lingnan and Western style, the centralized control center with a great sense of science and technology is an eye-catching work of automation, digitalization, information and intelligence.

The first 4-machine 4-flow slab continuous casting machine in stainless steel industry is put into production online (Project No.1);

1050mm stainless steel full continuous rolling green production line completed and put into operation (Project No. 2);

The first phase of 240,000 tons cold rolling was completed and put into operation (Project No. 3);

Green production line of 1.2 million tons of solid solution and products phase I was completed and put into operation (Project No. 4);

19 automation projects in steelmaking were put online in an orderly manner.

Production management digital system successfully put into operation;

The smart park was put into operation;

Jinhai "Sunac 001, 002, 003" water logistics set sail;


Although it is only a few lines on the paper to write our three years of achievements, but the hardships and difficulties can only be understood in words, we deeply understand: to wear the crown, must bear its weight! Thanks to every leader, customer and friend who contribute to the development of Jinhai; I would also like to thank the Jinhai friends and family members who participated in the game, went all out, fought side by side and carried it over together! I also believe that in the past three years, we have tempered our courage and faith from the hardships, which will make us grow wings strong enough to withstand the cold wind.

The good and bad things are all in the past, and the achievements and regrets of 2022 will be zero together. Let us move forward into the uncertain but infinite hope of 2023 full of morale and calm.

Partners, in the past three years to start a business, Jinhai hardware and software has completed the transformation and upgrading, but completed is not equal to done well, this year, and entered the company's maintenance period. The core of enterprise growth bottom line lies in keeping, in the process of keeping, what should we do? How to do it? How do you innovate? How do you take it to the next level? How can we make its growth curve last longer and more stable? It is easier to start a business than to maintain it. In 2023, we need to make the project produce value. Make it worth money.

In accordance with the spirit of the Party's 20 major principles, focusing on the group's development strategy and adapting to the enterprise ecological development cycle, through the discussion of the theme opinions of various departments, we have determined that in 2023, Jinhai will be operated by all staff. Number of wisdom off years "as the business theme.


1. After the four technical transformation projects are put into full operation, all staff focus on operation and management. Return to the basics, strengthen management, with full staff operating consciousness, lean management thinking, further reduce costs, improve efficiency, increase output value, excellent quality, and create benefits.

Ii. Consolidating the achievements of the four major technological transformation projects. After the upgrading of the Four Modernizations (automation, digitalization, informatization and intellectualization), we will dig deep the potential of technological transformation, release the potential of technological transformation, give full play to its maximum function, and promote the output, quality and new products of all production lines to reach the standard.

Third, digital empowerment, creating digital wisdom and gold Sea. Through digital system integration of resources, integration of industrial chain and business modules, reengineering process, reshaping technology. Driven by innovation and relying on the four major technological transformation projects, we will build on the momentum, strengthen our advantages, strengthen our weaknesses, and embark on a new journey of high-quality development of Digital Technology and Jinhai.

The contents include:

Full operation: drive full participation mode, everyone is the engine, with the spirit of ownership of the company, change the thinking of work, practical and in-depth action, improve the overall quality, deepen the reform and explore potential, activate the wisdom of all staff, jointly give advice, comprehensively drive management innovation, production and operation innovation, achieve full attention to business benefits. Through efficient operation and refined management and control, enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

Digital intelligence take-off: Embrace digital transformation, innovation and development, digital enabling industry, fully release the power of digital, information and intelligent. The production management system has been fully launched, and the smart Park has been officially put into use. The intelligent data platform has been used to promote the upgrading of talents, equipment maintenance, supply chain, brand quality, internal control management and production operation, so as to go all out to consolidate the goal of "smart factory" and realize the take-off of Jinhai again.

Specific requirements:

1. Shoulder social responsibilities and strengthen the construction of three major Jinhai cultures: campus culture, military culture and homeland culture. Guided by Party building, we insist on organizing various activities such as skills training, birthday party, Party building, league building, sports competition, The Voice of Jinhai, blood donation, student aid, respecting the old and caring for the young, and targeted poverty alleviation, so as to do a good job in humanistic care and spread positive energy. Landing in the culture of "learning enterprise, teaching organization, progress 1% every day", improving the quality and skills of the team, exploring the potential from the inside, learning from the outside, and achieving professional level in every post and everything.

2. "Innovation-driven development" is adopted to consolidate the transformation of the achievements of the four Modernizations (automation, digitalization, informatization and intellectualization) technological transformation projects. Continuous running-in, continuous refinement, driving equipment maintenance innovation, production process innovation, internal control management innovation, business model innovation, comprehensively improve the output, quality, and brand, to achieve efficiency improvement, to achieve high-quality development of enterprises.

3. Promote the "production management digital system, smart park system, digital steelmaking online as scheduled", and reconstruct the digital intelligence process. Through digital empowerment, the integration and connection of the big data platform with human, machine, material, law and environment are implemented, and the whole process of product control and traceability is carried out by intelligent production, so as to achieve the goal of integration of production and marketing, industry and finance, and management and control, so as to build a ten-billion smart factory with digitized production process, informatization of management process and intelligent operation and decision-making.

4. Continue to promote the strategy of "talent professionalism", and build a professional and efficient team with the talent concept of high salary, high skills, excellent talents and strong team. Strengthen the construction of core team, strengthen the construction of talent echelon, continue to do a good job in the training of reserve backbone, matching the technical upgrading of personnel, skilled control of new production lines, stimulate new drivers of innovation, and achieve high-quality new growth. We will comprehensively improve the working environment, standardize working standards, set up a "horse-racing mechanism", give a platform to those who want to work, and create a "Jinhai craftsman" with ingenuity.

5. Deepen the "performance incentive system". Adhere to the department action plan, meeting resolutions, KPl management Kanban implementation results landing inspection. We should strengthen management by objectives, set up benchmarks, set examples, find shining points, encourage each other in time, and make progress together. Management tools such as self-examination and self-evaluation, strategic planning, brainstorming, etc., shall be used to draw up effective measures that can be implemented and sustainable, and to create results with actions.

6. Practice the concept of "product branding" and establish a century-old brand of Jinhai. Adhere to the "new products, excellent products, high-quality products", in-depth insight into the consumer market, and customers to create, share, common development. Give full play to the advantages of new equipment, new technology and new process, ensure the quality of products and services in each link, use technological innovation, forge product competitiveness, build a good product moat, and form a competitive edge in the market. Attach importance to patent and intellectual property rights, efficiently promote project declaration, quickly integrate, study the policy matching points of technological innovation projects, tap the resource potential of tangible assets and intangible assets, and realize the transformation of assets into resources.

7. Strengthen the construction of "supply chain management system". In order to adapt to the production capacity improvement after technological upgrading, adhere to the online and offline globalization of the supply chain system, give full play to the advantages of the digital system to strengthen lean supply, strengthen the construction of the supply chain team, expand the supply chain channels, and ensure the stability of the supply chain; Improve raw material quality, strict inspection process, strengthen supervision, from the source of good product quality first, to achieve high quality guarantee.

8. Comprehensively and deeply promote lean production. Guided by market demand, with the help of just-in-time, automation and digital system upgrading of each production line, through big data platform, we can strengthen the cooperation of the whole process and realize lean production management. Focusing on cost reduction and efficiency improvement, we should dig deep into the potential, broaden the whole chain connection between departments, and use innovative thinking to assemble the most effective program implementation from different angles and different positions.

9. Assume the responsibility of "green factory" and improve the safety, environmental protection and green ecological management system. The use of four engineering technology upgrading, improve the EHS system, create a safe intelligent, green environmental protection, health people-oriented new site, new factory, strengthen 6S management, strengthen production management, safety accident is zero, employees healthy.

10. Strengthen "specialized and innovative" enterprises. Focus on the broadband market segment, establish a fine and efficient management system and process, strengthen the research and development of key core technologies, transform scientific and technological achievements, enhance the ability to resist risks, continue to deepen the enterprise specialization, refinement, specialty and novelty, and create higher social benefits.

This year, we will embark on a new journey of high-quality development through digital intelligence and the Golden Ocean.

Dry, is our 2023 the most important state! Think is the problem, do is the answer! Partners, we do industry, is to work hard, solid, step by step to do a good job of every small thing in the enterprise, because all the small things, do finally become big things. We need to break through each key action with a monthly theme around the annual theme until the good results happen. I am also deeply aware that achieving good results is indeed not easy. But, my friends, in my memory, from the beginning of our business, we have never achieved anything easy, and we have never achieved the truth through ninety-eight and eighty-one difficulties. Perhaps this is because it is arduous, so great; It is all the more glorious because it is difficult. For the Jinhai Iron Army, which has already been tempered and refined into steel, this time we are not afraid of course, but will not stop our efforts to move forward!

Partners, in 2023, the epidemic is still the norm, you are the first person responsible for health, take good care of yourself and your family;

2023, if the day is always not bright, we will learn to survive in the dark, once you see the dawn, immediately take off;

2023, let us make the product a little better, management skills and a little more sophisticated, organizational force is a little stronger, these "bit by bit" cumulative, is a great advantage;

2023, let us enhance the core competitiveness to build the brand, win more recognition and praise from customers, let "altruism" in-depth essence;

2023, the uncertainty of the environment still exists, but I believe we will always try to live every day;

2023, let us meet the challenge with the spirit of struggle, to forge ahead to open up the future;

2023, we should be responsible for the results, responsible for the growth, and better themselves to meet, with warm people walk;

2023, let us walk to the wind, run by the light, do not let any trace of opportunity to let us take off;

2023, lead us to win the war, is my bounden responsibility!

No wind and rain will not pass, no dawn will not come, no spring will not come, love is a good medicine to cure all, take root down, blossom up, the number of chariots of wisdom and the sea of gold began to run to the distance, partners, are you ready?

With our partners!


                                                    Sister Juan in 2023 New Year


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