The window of the party construction yong-mei liu, chairman of the federation line | autonomous region to sea, stainless steel guide women's federation organization construction work

The window of the party construction yong-mei liu, chairman of the federation line | autonomous region to sea, stainless steel guide women's federation organization construction work

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  • (Summary description)autonomous region to sea, stainless steel guide women's federation organization construction work

    The window of the party construction yong-mei liu, chairman of the federation line | autonomous region to sea, stainless steel guide women's federation organization construction work

    (Summary description)autonomous region to sea, stainless steel guide women's federation organization construction work

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    From October 11 to 13, Liu Yongmei, chairwoman and Party secretary of the Women's Federation of the Autonomous Region, led a research team to Wuzhou City to investigate the construction of clean families, women's entrepreneurship and employment, and women and children's rights protection. Wuzhou City People's Congress Standing Committee director Huang Zhongxian, the municipal government vice mayor Su Ying, the municipal CPPCC vice chairman Li Zhenmei respectively accompanied the investigation.

    The research group visited the family tradition tutor propaganda and education base


    On October 11, as representatives to the National People's Congress, chairman of yong-mei liu wuzhou town see chau village mayor chau district state people's congress on behalf of the junction, carry out "mixed into, multilevel linkage, role and for the people" theme activities, to participate in the "promote the construction of social governance, happiness livable home" mood will communicate, communicate with the contact of the grassroots people's congress meeting, And clean family construction and other work to investigate. Chairwoman Liu Yongmei had an in-depth discussion with members of the Guizhi Propaganda team and praised the village for its innovative way of using non-heritage songs to promote family traditions. She hoped that the Guizhi girls would make persistent efforts to sing the Party's principles and policies to more women and sisters, and unite and lead more sisters to listen to the Party and follow the Party.

    The "Sister GUI" propaganda team will sing rustic songs in the form of preaching family style


    Yong-mei liu, chairman of a line to CenXi city anping town ZhongQing village visits condolences the 13th "national family" Liao Musen family, with its intimate conversation, to understand the status of the family situation and the present life, into the "national family" certificates, trophies, hope he keep honor, continue to play a good family "role models, make the economy better, family, children education, Inherit good family tradition, with the power of example to drive the surrounding masses, promote positive energy.

    Research group to "national five good families" Liao Musen family to send care


    In Cengxi Xinchang Nut Development Co., LTD., THE RESEARCH team LEARNED ABOUT the development OF the NATIONAL WOMEN modern agricultural SCIENCE and technology demonstration BASE and the situation of "capable women" leading women to participate in rural revitalization. Hope enterprises should fully play a leading role "mistress" prospect, widen the industrial chain, attaches great importance to the deep processing, create "woman type" products, cultivate local unique geographical indications of agricultural products brand, entrepreneurial drive innovation, to provide "door of jobs in" let more people relying on the base of income to become rich women, strengthen poverty crucial achievement, boost rural revitalization.

    Research team to understand the planting, processing and marketing of macadamia nuts

    In the Legal Education and practice Base for Minors of Cenxi People's Procuratorate, Liu Yongmei and her party listened to the introduction of the work carried out in recent years by the person in charge of the minor procuratorial office, watched the juvenile procuratorial propaganda video and visited the psychological consultation room, legal lecture hall and other functional rooms. Yong-mei liu of procuratorial organ in the protection of minors results gave full affirmation, hope that the procuratorial organs, women's federations and other departments to strengthen cooperation, to show "method, research method, law-abiding, usage" respect, education lead minors to the rule of law and the rule of law concept of thinking, use legal weapons to protect their legal rights and interests, promote the city safe construction of the rule of law.

    The investigation group visited the legal education practice base for minors in Cenxi Procuratorate


    In guangxi wuzhou sea stainless steel co., LTD., research group to understand the company's women's federation organization construction, and stimulate the female worker enthusiasm, initiative and creativity make positive contribution to the development of high quality for the enterprise experience in practice, women's federation organization to drive the company leading the female scientific and technical personnel, workers based on post achievements, innovation and efficiency. We participated in the "Clean Wu Family" family style education seminar of Sister GUI. We interacted and communicated with each other about the relationship between family and country, family education and family style construction, and shared our experiences and practices on how to deal with the relationship between husband and wife, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and parent-child, so as to create a harmonious and happy family.

    The investigation group listened to the head of the enterprise to introduce the development of the enterprise

    The research team attended the "Clean Wu family" family style education seminar of Sister GUI


    During the exchange, Chairwoman Liu Yongmei said with deep feeling that when it comes to the contribution of women in Guangxi's economy and society, we naturally think of Wuzhou Women Entrepreneurs Association. "National march eighth red flag collective" wuzhou women entrepreneurs association of strong service, build platform, promote communication, led the city's women entrepreneurs in wuzhou economic construction actively, fulfilling social responsibility, show work as "half the sky", in the industrial city, industrial city, to donate, relief disaster relief work, take concrete actions to interpret the "power", civilization construction and pay attention to the family, It has achieved a happy and fruitful career and family, setting up a benchmark for female entrepreneurs.

    Chairwoman Lau Wing Mei shared her family tradition with the sisters


    In the administrative center of Cangwu County, Chairwoman Liu Yongmei listened to the progress report of the new county; Inspect the construction progress of Cangwu County Women and Children's activity center on site; Visit the relocation site and poverty alleviation workshop of "Homestead of fellow villagers" in Shiqiao Town to understand the achievements of the community in consolidating poverty alleviation and the follow-up support of poverty alleviation relocation in the same area, and put forward guiding opinions on creating a good environment for the healthy growth of children and improving the sense of happiness and security of women and children.

    Chairwoman Liu Yongmei had cordial talks with women and children


    Tomiichi bay in wood double meaning county town, west group, research group a line through communication and "environmental protection mother" negotiation understand women's sunshine volunteer work and environmental protection in guangxi mother volunteer service demonstration site creation work, fully affirmed the family, they choose best family tree, green environmental protection knowledge to preach, clean country volunteer activities, such as practice, We hope that "environmental mothers" will continue to participate in the work of rural revitalization and contribute their strength to the improvement of the appearance of the village. The investigation team also visited the work site of the network broadcast with goods, learned about the local characteristic products in detail, and encouraged women to work together to build a good display platform for the characteristic products of Cangwu County rural revitalization, so that the featured agricultural products can open the market, so that the people can increase their income, and help rural revitalization.

    President Lau Wing mei praised the volunteer group "Green Mothers"


    Yang Hailin, vice chairman of the Women's Federation of the Autonomous Region, Song Yu, director of the Publicity department of the Women's Federation of the Autonomous Region, and Qin Xing, chairman of the municipal women's Federation, made a survey together.

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