Recreate the excellent Jinhai and create a brilliant future together | The 23rd anniversary celebration of Jinhaihui Group and the award ceremony of Guangxi Wuzhou Jinhai Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. were successfully completed!

Recreate the excellent Jinhai and create a brilliant future together | The 23rd anniversary celebration of Jinhaihui Group and the award ceremony of Guangxi Wuzhou Jinhai Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. were successfully completed!

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(Summary description)Rebuild the excellent Jinhai and create a brilliant future together!

Recreate the excellent Jinhai and create a brilliant future together | The 23rd anniversary celebration of Jinhaihui Group and the award ceremony of Guangxi Wuzhou Jinhai Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. were successfully completed!

(Summary description)Rebuild the excellent Jinhai and create a brilliant future together!

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  • Origin:Gimhae Stainless Steel
  • Time of issue:2022-06-19 20:31
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Rebuild the excellent Jinhai and create a brilliant future together!
23 years of hard work and struggle is a pioneering and enterprising journey, and it is also a new journey full of hope; take dreams as horses, follow the right path; forge ahead, sail and continue.

On June 18th, Jinhaihuihuang ushered in its 23rd anniversary. With the theme of "Rebuild Excellent Jinhai and Create a Bright Future Together!" .
Ms. Li Juan, Chairman of Jinhaihuihuang Group, Mr. Wang Wenhui, President of Jinhaihuihuang Group, Mr. Li Zhigang, General Manager of Jinhaihuihuang Group, senior executives of Jinhaihuihuang Group, and all employees of Jinhaihuihuang attended and participated together in an unprecedented grand occasion.

All the Jinhai Iron Army gathered together to witness this beautiful and precious anniversary.



Career Statement


Under the enthusiastic opening of the host, the atmosphere of the audience was instantly ignited, and the Jinhai career declaration was recited in unison.

Inheriting the past and opening up the future!
  Looking back on the course of yesterday, cherishing the present more, and looking forward to the future with confidence.



leader's speech

Group President Wang Wenhui delivering a speech
  Mr. Wang Wenhui, President of Jinhai Brilliant Group, delivered a speech. Mr. Wang first thanked all Jinhai colleagues. It is the long-term hard work and silent dedication of the Jinhai family who have made Jinhai today! It is everyone's hard work, unwilling to lag behind others, pioneering and innovative, and the hard work spirit of daring to be the first to create today's brilliance!

  Mr. Wang and colleagues from Jinhai reviewed Jinhai's magnificent struggle in the past 23 years, and relived the Jinhai spirit of hard work, pioneering and innovative... and advocated that everyone cherish the gene of Jinhai, cherish the color of Jinhai, and promote the culture and spirit of Jinhai.

When Da Jinhai is about to enter the threshold of the 24th annual wheel with confidence, Mr. Wang shared with the Jinhai family about the future situation and coping strategies: 1. Adhere to the excellent values, do the right things, and do the difficult things, Do what takes time to accumulate! 2. Be prepared for danger in times of peace. There are many uncertainties in the current economic situation and the impact of the epidemic. In the face of such a situation, we must deeply realize: accumulate grain and build high walls! We must cherish it! With the spirit of perseverance and never-say-die of Jinhai people, we will welcome a better tomorrow with all our Jinhai Iron Army's all-out efforts and help each other!


Lu Yanxian, general manager of Wuzhou Jinhai, delivered a speech
  Ms. Lu Yanxian, general manager of Guangxi Wuzhou Jinhai Stainless Steel Co., Ltd., delivered a speech at the celebration. On behalf of the company, Mr. Lu extended the most sincere thanks to the Jinhai family for their unremitting efforts and hard work for the company's development over the past 23 years, especially in the past year! I would like to express my heartiest congratulations to the excellent achievements of the Jinhai Iron Army on all fronts!

  President Lu asked all Jinhai people to follow the instructions of President Wang, adhere to excellent values, and be prepared for danger in times of peace, with the spirit of Jinhai people to persevere to the end and never give up, and with all our Jinhai Iron Army's all-out efforts to help each other to welcome a better tomorrow!

  The road is long and the road is coming! Next, guided by the corporate culture of "home culture, campus culture and military culture", Jinhai Tiejun will strengthen the cohesion, learning ability and combat effectiveness of Jinhai Tiejun, move forward hand in hand, and work hard for the great goal of "rebuilding an excellent Jinhai". Keep fighting!


Lin Ruimin, Vice President of Wuzhou Jinhai Production, delivered an award speech
  Mr. Lin Ruimin, Vice President of Production, delivered an award speech for this award ceremony. First of all, he congratulated Jinhaihuihuang Group on its 23rd birthday! Also congratulations to the winners who have achieved excellent results on all fronts this time!

  "Rebuild an excellent Jinhai", Jinhai Iron Army must rely on Jinhai's "three major cultures", Jinhai's hard-working spirit, and Jinhai's execution ability, and comprehensively promote the implementation from the perspective of ideology, spirit and action, "Rebuild the excellent Jinhai, and create a brilliant future together. "!

Awards ceremony

  Jinhai advocates "happy work, happy life". Jinhai people have the wisdom to live life like flowers. As the chairman of the board said, Chai, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry and wine, Jinhai stage, all they want is You are talented!

  In the past period of various labor skills competitions, sports competitions, essay writing activities, etc., a group of outstanding representatives who worked hard and fought bravely emerged in various competitions. They stood up in every ordinary position and every competition. A new fashion for talent competition.


Cost reduction and efficiency increase see actual results:
  In line with "repairing the old is to increase income, saving expenditure is to create efficiency", we have carried out activities to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Since the launch, we have received a total of 98 "energy saving and consumption reduction, repairing and recycling, and technological innovation" from all departments of the company. Efficiency enhancement suggestions and full implementation.

  After one month of implementation, the relevant departments of the company conducted inspections, extracted real and effective data, and were in charge of the leadership review. In the end, 15 effective suggestions from 10 departments achieved significant results, saving the company nearly 10 million in costs. Congratulations to the above award-winning departments for building this foundation New highlights of the event.

Labor skills competition:
Work is glorious, skills are precious, and creation is great--In May, Gimhae launched a new trend of labor skills competition. During the process, the participants were aggressive and passionate, meeting friends with skills, and they showed their style and level in the competition.

  The business theme of 2022 is "Keeping the Righteousness and Innovating the Year of Smart Manufacturing Benefit", we will stick to the righteous path, do things solidly, drive technological innovation with process equipment  innovation, and further promote the construction of automation, information and intelligent systems.

  First of all, we must attach great importance to the construction of the talent team and build a training system that keeps pace with the times. President Wang often said that "passing, helping, and leading" all employees should continuously improve their theoretical quality and skill level in an atmosphere of catching up with learning. , keep improving, shine in your own post, and provide a strong guarantee for re-creating an excellent Jinhai.

Sports competitions show their talents:
  Work hard for a healthy Jinhai--Since the launch of the 8th Wuzhou Jinhai Games in 2022, there will be laughter and applause every day in the Dajinhai factory area. The sweat and tears on the field are exchanged for today's flowers and applause.

  The individual competition stimulates potential, the team competition concentrates, and each game shows a new look of the Jinhai Iron Army. The short game is growth, harvest, and expectation.

Essay Talent Shows Pride:
  On the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of Jinhai Brilliant Group, the Jinhai family expressed their hearts and minds through the “Rebuild an Excellent Jinhai” essay activity, praised the great Jinhai that is striving to innovate and develop today, and praised the Jinhai people who are not afraid of difficulties, fearless wind and rain, and forge ahead in unity , to carry forward the Jinhai spirit of striding into a new era of high-quality development.

  In this great era, in the first year of "Intelligent Manufacturing of Jinhai", every Jinhai people are full of pride and energy, and they will all show their skills and share with Jinhai in this mighty new journey. Common prosperity!


The most beautiful voice sings Jin Hai:

  Sing if you want, sing loudly, not afraid of the wind and rain! In 2022 Jinhai Stainless Steel's 2nd "Jinhai Good Voice" Singing Contest (finals), the people of Jinhai sang thousands of horses, howling winds, passionate youth, majesty, and the people of Jinhai "Happy work, Happy life", sang the Jinhai Iron Army's hard work and pioneering spirit.

  In the new era of Jinhai's intelligent manufacturing, on the new journey of Jinhai's "Ten Billion Smart Factory", the Jinhai Iron Army should sing with more confident ambition and more majestic strength, sing of unity, perseverance, and prosperity!


"Stainless Craftsman" Qiang Jinhai:
  The 2021 "Stainless Craftsman" honor held by the Guangdong Stainless Steel Materials and Products Association was released, and Jinhai Stainless Steel Wang Zezhou, Lin Ruimin, Jin Jiefang, Kang Jun, and Bai Chengfeng won the honorable title of "Stainless Craftsman"!

  As the forerunner of the whole stainless steel industry chain, Jinhai Stainless Steel adheres to the policy of "prospering enterprises with science and technology, pioneering and innovating", and advocates the corporate culture of "learning-oriented enterprise, teaching-oriented organization, and 1% improvement every day" to lead employees, and to keep improving with the "artisan spirit" "To build a Jinhai craftsman, to build a Jinhai iron army.

Writing Glory and Glory:
  The painstaking effort and sweat, writing brilliance and glory.

  The simple and solemn award ceremony was witnessed together in the Jinhai Auditorium. The honor always thanked myself for my hard work and paid tribute to the role models around me!

gift for the celebration


  The dance mix "Standing on the Prairie Watching Beijing" is dynamic and generous and makes people feel happy. "Priceless Sister" is the most popular super brother, sexy and handsome, and the young lady from the finance department came with "Dance of Fighting Landlords" happily, "If I sneezed, then I must be thinking of you. "The sweet song "Love You" that is popular all over the Internet is full of healing.

  With the melodious ancient music of Jiangnan style, the sisters of the inspection department brought a fusion and collision of traditional Chinese cheongsam costumes and modern fashion elements. unique charm.

  "Today, Jinhai Manufacturing is moving towards Jinhai Intelligent Manufacturing; today, the "Ten Billion Smart Factory" is being realized!" The four reciters performed wonderfully, yesterday's Jinhai, the Jinhai Iron Army went through trials and hardships, and forged ahead together; today's Jinhai, All the Iron Army opened a new future with one heart and one heart, and opened a new chapter with every stroke.

  "The Voice of Jinhai" brought songs full of positive energy, including "The Brightest Star in the Night Sky", "Broad Ocean and Sky", "A Laugh in the Ocean" and "The Great Golden Sea" with exciting melodies.

  The Chinese-style street dance "Huo Yuanjia" has a sense of explosion, with a combination of rigidity and softness, and it is extremely cool. The traditional Chinese cultural blood makes the audience feel the strong rhythm and the blood is boiling.

  The international business department also brought the melodious "Lake Baikal" and the Chinese and Japanese version of "Red Sun", which are more popular than the other.

  The sketch is an indispensable part. Mr. Lin and "Ms. Lin" came to the stage together. They were gorgeously dressed, had solid singing skills, and performed both tough and soft dance performances. Mrs. Lin's image was salty and sweet, which made the audience laugh and cramp.


In the end, the team sang "Sailor", the song is melodious, sonorous and powerful, and inspiring," he said that this pain is nothing in the wind and rain, don't be afraid to wipe away the tears, at least we still have dreams. Mood, sing out the confusion of the past, but never give up!


anniversary banquet

  The celebration ended successfully with flowers and applause. At the anniversary banquet, Sister Juan and President Wang had a cordial dinner with everyone. At the end, everyone raised a glass to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of Dajinhai, and shared a bright future.

  Today is not only a birthday dinner, but also a thanksgiving banquet prepared by Gimhae for everyone. Thank Gimhae Tiejun for his journey and never give up.
  The faces of all Jinhai colleagues were full of youth, vigor, and beauty, and were immersed in a warm atmosphere of cheers.


Create a brilliant future

  Looking back on the past, Jinhai has been brilliant for 23 years, and the golden years have created splendor;
  Looking forward to the future, Jinhai Iron Army will stick to its original intention and ride the wind and waves to create greater glories!

  Recreate the excellent Jinhai and create a brilliant future together--The 23rd anniversary celebration of Jinhaihui Group and the award ceremony of Guangxi Wuzhou Jinhai Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. were successfully completed!
  The glorious history of 23 years has written the hard work and dedication of every Jinhai people, and burned the dreams and youth of every Jinhai people.

  In a new journey and a new era, a tens of billions of "smart factories" with digitalized factories, intelligent equipment, flexible production, and intelligent decision-making are about to be born!
  The journey is long, there is only struggle, Jinhai Tiejun will use more united strength, more confident courage, more hard-working spirit, take dreams as horses, go all out, recreate excellent Jinhai, and create a brilliant future!

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