Jinhai Dream Chaser, Brilliant Struggle Road | Jinhai Brilliant Group 22nd Anniversary Celebration and Guangxi Wuzhou Jinhai Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. Award Ceremony

Jinhai Dream Chaser, Brilliant Struggle Road | Jinhai Brilliant Group 22nd Anniversary Celebration and Guangxi Wuzhou Jinhai Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. Award Ceremony

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Jinhai Dream Chaser, Brilliant Struggle Road | Jinhai Brilliant Group 22nd Anniversary Celebration and Guangxi Wuzhou Jinhai Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. Award Ceremony

(Summary description)

  • Categories:Company News
  • Author:金海不锈钢 人力资源部
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Jinhai dreamers, brilliant struggle !

22 years of spring and autumn, 22 years of trials and hardships, the golden sea and the iron army Let's work together and finally usher in this happy moment!



On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, in On the good day of the 22nd anniversary of the establishment of Jinhaihuihuang Group, in order to celebrate the prosperity and double happiness, the company decided to hold a grand event with the theme of "Jinhai Dream Chaser, Brilliant Struggle Road" - the 22nd anniversary celebration of Jinhaihuihuang Group And the award ceremony of Guangxi Wuzhou Jinhai Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.



Founder of Dreamcatcher   Entrepreneurship

“Jinhai Brilliant Group originated from Foshan Brilliant, founded Wuzhou Jinhai, create Guangxi Zhongjin again, and strive for the top, from downstream to upstream, we have been constructing and on the road. From pipe-making to steel-making, a beautiful myth of "how steel is made" is performed in the Great Golden Sea ……”. This is a well-known career declaration for Jinhai people, and it is also the long journey that Jinhai Tiejun has gone through, and it is also the time-honored and firm original intention of the founders, Sister Juan and President Wang.



Group Chairman Sister Juan is a dreamer of Jinhai The parents are the soul of Jinhai Dream Chaser, and also the mentor of Jinhai Dream Chaser's spiritual enlightenment. Sister Juan has repeatedly emphasized that Jinhai people should be people first, and then work. The cultural advocacy of "pioneering and innovative, hard work, and happiness for goodness", spring wind and rain, moisturizing things silently, earnest teaching voice, always positive energy, let the stubborn stone ignite the passion, let the mediocre to the excellent, let the team forge the iron army.


Chairman Li Juan span>


Group President Wang, as the general planning of Jinhaihui Group The teacher, with grandeur, grand pattern, and foresight, planned the future direction of Jinhaihuihuang Group, and led the Jinhai Iron Army to achieve brilliant ten years after another.


Group President Mr. Wang Wenhui delivering a speech span>


On behalf of the board of directors, Mr. Wang made a “Golden Sea Dream The theme of "The Road of Brilliant Struggle of People", reviewing the road of struggle, Jinhai Tiejun kept the mission in mind, forged ahead, went through ups and downs, and continued to develop and innovate. Over the past 22 years, we have subverted many industry rules, constantly defined new standards for stainless steel, and kept breaking records in the stainless steel industry. We have achieved many firsts in the industry. We have been striving on the road to realize our vision and have been committed to becoming a leader in the entire stainless steel industry chain. forerunner. The journey is long, and if you don’t advance, you will retreat. The most important and urgent task of Gimhae in the new era is the four major technical transformation projects, which are unique projects in the history of Gimhae, and are related to the future survival and development of Gimhae. Jinhai people should awaken the blood in the entrepreneurial period, activate the fighting spirit of hard work, and radiate the spirit of the Jinhai Iron Army in the new era.



Dream Chaser Group Core Layer  ; Orientation

Li Zhigang, general manager of the group, as the globalization of Jinhaihuihuang Group The chief designer and leader of the company, whether it is the globalization of the supply chain or the globalization of the market, comprehensively promotes it from awareness, system and talent. The globalization strategy has expanded the business development space of Jinhai, upgraded the market competition level, and improved the enterprise's ability to resist risks.


Group General Manager Mr. Li Zhigang (left)


Group Chief Engineer Wang Zezhou, as the production line manager of Jinhaihuihuang Group The designer has planned and designed the production lines of various stages of development in Jinhai's history. Each production line has always adhered to a high starting point, high standards and strong competitiveness in terms of planning, so that Jinhai's product quality has been leading the way for a long time, and it has continued to maintain market competitiveness.


Group Chief Engineer Mr. Wang Zezhou (right)



Dream Chaser Gold Sea Core  ;  perform push


Lu Yanxian, general manager of Wuzhou Jinhai, delivered a speech on behalf of Wuzhou Jinhai : For the past 22 years, we have been focusing on stainless steel. For the past 22 years, we have insisted that "payments always pay off". We have not forgotten our original intention and made unremitting efforts. On the road of reform, we have the courage to make breakthroughs, and have successively achieved the victory of "three major goals and seven major projects". Recently, the four major projects are also in full swing. We have introduced professional talents, implemented a professional management model, and started "" Lean management, value return". This is achieved through the hard work and hard work of all Jinhai people. The journey is long, there is only struggle, the future - we are full of confidence, we must continue to carry forward the "hard work" spirit of the Jinhai Iron Army, meet new challenges, create a better future with wisdom and hard work, and use actions to prove that we are a group with dreams. , Jinhai people who do business!


Ms. Lu Yanxian, General Manager of Wuzhou Jinhai, delivering a speech


Wuzhou Jinhai Production Vice President Lin Ruimin, on behalf of the management Award speech: The theme of 2021 is, "Lean management, value return", our management should strive for perfection, tap potential and innovate, pay attention to production, supply and marketing, human and property, return to common sense, and return to the basic skills of operation and management. The basic skills of operation and management are the magic weapon of Jinhai, which allows us to survive and continue to develop in the fierce and cruel market competition in the industry reshuffling again and again. Reducing costs and increasing efficiency is the most simple management method. effective way of doing business. We must continue to maintain the unique optimistic attitude and indomitable will of Jinhai people, dare to show the sword, fight hard, continue to struggle, strive for new brilliance of Jinhai, and go to the sea of stars of Jinhai business as soon as possible.


Wuzhou Jinhai Production Vice President Lin Ruimin delivers the award speech





Dream Chaser    Melting & Forging


All Gimhae colleagues read out the business declaration< /span>


Jinhai Iron Army is a team that has experienced 22 years of trials and hardships. The team that is tested by artillery fire and smelted by suffering is a team that dares to shine a sword, has the courage to fight, and struggles hard. It is a team with super centripetal force, cohesion, and combat effectiveness. The mighty master of victory. It is such a team that has created one industry miracle after another; it is such a team that sets benchmarks one after another in the industry; it is such a team that makes the industry amazed and praised again and again.



The pioneering spirit of struggle   Lean management, return to value


"Lean Management, Value Return", Juan A letter from my sister in early 2021 emphasized that our management should strive for excellence, tap potential and innovate, reduce costs and increase efficiency, pay attention to production, supply and marketing, personnel, property, return to common sense, and return to the basic skills of operation and management.

Lean management, cost reduction and efficiency improvement is not a profound theory , in our daily work, in our post links, in the practice of every Jinhai people. It is not only in the manager's responsibility to be good at finding problems, but also in the responsibility of the manager to be brave in management; not only in the technical personnel's continuous process improvement, but also in the production operators' reasonable suggestions for energy saving and consumption reduction.

This time, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement are combined with technological innovation and innovation , 66 proposals for repairing old and reusing waste, and rationalization, and 6 workshops/departments were shortlisted for awards.


Oxygen workshop


Steel Workshop


Hot rolling workshop


Pickling workshop


Human Resources Department


Finance Department


Group photo of all award-winning departments/personnel


Every Gimhae person deeply knows that “management There are no shortcuts, only ways and paths", when each position is pragmatically responsible, each position becomes a profit engine, and the second take-off of Gimhae is just around the corner!



Struggle's enterprising PK spirit   Skills competition, autumn soldiers on the battlefield

The 2021 annual labor competition is a live ammunition for the combat effectiveness of the Jinhai Iron Army The exercise is also a review of our work efficiency.

We advocate that without champions, there will be no pacesetters. There is no pacesetter, just like our battle report has no record, the record is used to break, and the pacesetter is used to match the target.

The 2021 Labor Skills Competition has 4 major company-level Competition: The first line has fitter and electrician competition, and the second line has typing and software competition. There are also 6 sector-level competitions: Inspection, Team, Steelmaking, Hot Rolling, Pickling, Finance. A total of 250 Jinhai colleagues participated in the competition, and 3 teams and 28 contestants won the championship.














2021 labor competition winning individual/team



2021 labor competition all winning individuals/teams take a group photo

Winners and those who didn't, all found The gap has made progress. They are all real Jinhai people. They dare to show their swords, dare to PK, and are not afraid of failure, because the Jinhai PK culture has been deeply rooted in their hearts. They know that only in this way can they promote each other, improve each other, and finally improve. The overall combat effectiveness of the Jinhai Iron Army!



Sports and fighting spirit   Savage body, civilized spirit

Gimhae people should have such sportsmanship. The 7th Gimhae Games is the theme. We advocate sports and the spirit of sports. Gimhae people must have a steel-like physique and a steel-like spiritual will.

The 7th Games in 2021 will have individual competition finals Chess, rope skipping, table tennis, badminton; there are also team finals basketball, relay, tug-of-war, a total of 7 events, a total of 355 athletes participated, 102 achieved excellent results, no matter what kind of event, we have seen Jinhai People's hard work, tenacity, unity.







Winner of the 7th Sports Individual Match Finals







The winning team of the seventh tug-of-war


The winning team of the 7th Men's and Women's Mixed 50*10 Relay Race



2nd Runner-up - Steelmaking Team


Runner-up - Public Team




Champion--Material Control Team

The 7th "Golden Sea Cup" men's basketball Competition winning team


Group photo of all the winners of the seventh sports competition



Struggle Road The spirit of good and upward  Happy work, happy life span>

We advocate “Happy work, happy life” We advocate a good and upward life attitude, and we hope that every Jinhai struggler is a happy Jinhai person.

It is important to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of Jinhai Glory Group At the moment, how can there not be the cheerful dance steps and happy singing voices of Jinhai people, staff representatives from different departments and different positions, bringing songs, dances, martial arts, sketches and other programs, pushing the anniversary celebration into another kind of enthusiastic, youthful Exuberant atmosphere.

Steel-making workshop crane class brings dance "Good Days" as the opening program, followed by the energetic dance "C Mile C Mile" by the Finance Department.




Jimhae “Good Voice” It is to bring three song performances of "Song of the Yangtze River", "Chinese" and "The Same Song". They are full of affection, passion, and sonorous force. They express their sincere gratitude to the company for the company's careful cultivation and affectionate care, and express their sincere hearts to grow together with Jinhai, struggle together, and welcome glory with songs.








Vice production manager Lin carefully prepared the sketch "Husband Sings and Wife Follows" , the lines are lively, interesting and humorous, and the audience burst into laughter.




For the upcoming centennial of the Communist Party of China, Guangxi All the executives and party members of Wuzhou Jinhai Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. inherit the red gene with singing, sing the great change of Acura in the past century, the wind blows thousands of miles, the flowers bloom all over the ground, the five-star red flag flutters in the wind, we are striding in the "road of struggle" in the new era, wishing The great motherland is prosperous and strong!




At the end of the celebration, all the staff of the Material Control Center sang The song "Tomorrow Will Be Better", the lyrics "Let our smiles be filled with youthful pride, let us look forward to a better tomorrow" is the most sincere blessing of all my colleagues.

I wish Jinhai Glory Group a prosperous business! Create brilliant again!

Wish all Gimhae partners and their families good health! May all go well with you!





Salute when looking back, and work hard when expressing feelings;

Through thousands of mountains and rivers, the future is still a journey .

The future - we are full of confidence!


A group photo of all winners and performers


The journey is long, only struggle! We do not forget our original intention and keep our mission in mind. We race against time and act according to orders. We are persevering and continue to struggle. In the new journey in the future, the Jinhai Iron Army will surely advance hand in hand with more majestic strength, more confident ambition, and more heroic pace, and move forward bravely to create more splendid brilliance.


All executives of Wuzhou Jinhai took a group photo



The 22nd anniversary celebration has ended successfully, and the excitement and emotion are not yet Calm down, blessings and laughter are still in our ears, let us say affectionately again:

Golden Sea Brilliant  Happy Birthday!

The century-old journey has been magnificent, and the century-old heart has become stronger and stronger. When to present the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China with excellent results! May the great motherland be prosperous and prosperous, and the cause of Jinhaihuihuang Group will be prosperous! I wish Jinhai people more and more happiness! ! !



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